Top 10 Best Pruning Saw Reviews In 2023

Alas! You cannot always depend on electric power tools for many of your woodworking, refurbishing, or construction work. Why do you ask? You can simply run out of battery or not have a steady supply of electricity.

But how do you saw through the thick barks of a tree and wooden planks then? Should you stop working for a day and take a stroll? No, because a pruning saw is what you need. However, we urge that you only use the best pruning saw to get the desired result.

It is already a task to shift from an automated tool to a manual device. You do not want to deal with a cheap product on top of all that! So, here is a review to find some worthwhile products!

Benefits of Pruning Saw

It is an essential tool for multiple reasons, and you will get a gist when you see how beneficial this product is.

  • Beautiful Nature

If you use a pruning saw regularly to tidy the backyard or keep the tree branches in shape, nature will thank you with a beautiful sight. Cleaning, trimming, and pruning tree branches allows them faster growth and gives a more put-together look. So, while it is not a direct benefit of the product itself, you still benefit when you use it properly.

  • Durable

Now let us talk about the saw itself. It usually has a small demure compared to automated saws, but they are quite durable. The manufacturers often utilize high-grade steel to ensure there is no rusting since trees always have water on their surface. Besides that, the design also boosts shelf life.

  • Ease of Use

These items are so easy to use that you will not even believe them. It does not need any cord, electrical connection, or external power. Simply use manual force to work with it, and it does not drain much either.

The blade’s design and handle ensure that with each stroke, your energy gets multiplied before it converts into the force needed to saw. Moreover, they are portable, easy to store, and do not need much maintenance.

Best Pruning Saw Reviews Ultimate Buying Guide

If you were having a hard time deciding which one is the best, this segment has a thorough and researched list to get rid of all your confusion.

Corona Tools Folding Saw, Pruning Saw

Corona Razor TOOTH Folding Pruning Saw


If you deal with several small and medium branches and cannot be bothered to whip a machine saw for such small tasks, you can always look for a pruning saw. However, we have a special type of product perfect for your kind of tasks.

The Corona folding saw is a semi-large blade with all the perks so you can breeze through the task. You will notice that the handle on this tool is longer than the blade itself. Well, that design is crucial in allowing you to hold it with as much ease as possible.

Thus you can quickly cut through the small or medium branches with some swift strokes. The ergonomic, co-molded handle lets you maneuver the product with your full palm or your thumb at your convenience.

Of course, the blade also has to be just as perfect to complement the unique handle, and the brand does not under-deliver. It made sure to use chrome steel for added strength and protection. Tree branches and wood always have some water residue, but the blade will not rust thanks to the material.

Besides that, the blade also has a three-sided edge. So, no matter which angle you run the saw, it will slice through, but in such a manner that you get clean shaves. Hence, if you wanted to be precise with this, you can.

The blade itself is 10 inches, and you can easily cut branches with a 5-inch or 6-inch diameter. Its round shape also helps in rounding around the branch, which lets you finish the job quicker.

REXBETI Folding Saw Hand Saw Dry Wood Pruning Saw

REXBETI Folding Saw Hand Saw Dry Wood Pruning Saw


You will often find brands marketing folding saws, which is great and all unless they pose a safety hazard. Unfortunately, most of them do as they tend to pop open at any time. That can prove disastrous if you are traveling with them.

However, the tool from Home Planet Gear is not like that. The brand took special care to install a safety lock that shuts securely, and it will only open when you intend to. So, no hassle with pop buttons that release the blade unexpectedly.

Moreover, when you fold the blade, it fits perfectly inside the handle cavity, hence reducing the risk of accidental poking. The sharp ridges of the blade will be tucked away inside the handle as well. Additionally, it is a very compact tool.

The blade itself is 8 inches, and the total size, and along with the handle, should not be more than 17 inches. When you fold, it becomes even more compact. So, the compact size, along with the safety feature, makes this tool a perfect companion for road trips, camping, and other outdoor activities.

It is a multipurpose tool not only for its size but also for its capability. The Japanese style carbon-steel blade certainly makes a statement and gives you all the ease of movement. You can swing this tool and experience very little vibration compared to many other folding saws.

Moreover, the handle is very sturdy, which also features a ribbed rubber. The compound is also thermoplastic, which is why you do not have to worry about the knife slipping from your hands.

  • Protective latch system to reduce accidents
  • Blade and teeth sit firmly inside the handle
  • Rubberized thermoplastic handle improves gripping
  • Japanese style cut that reduces vibration
  • Features a carbon steel blade
  • Cannot saw through thick wooden pieces

TABOR TOOLS Folding Saw Hand Saw For Pruning Trees

TABOR TOOLS Folding Saw Hand Saw For Pruning Trees


People who love outdoor activities, like trekking, camping, hiking, know how often you need to have a sharp object at hand. But not just a simple knife; you need something more powerful. Surely you cannot carry a giant pruning saw either?

So, what can be a middle ground? The answer is a TABOR TOOLS folding saw. It is sharper and more robust than a knife, yet tamer and gentler than a big pruning saw. You can fold it with ease, and it turns into such a compact size that it will even fit in your utility belt.

However, despite its smallness, it actually does pretty well when it comes to cutting hard pieces of wood. You can easily saw through tree branches even if they are 4 inches in diameter. Any bigger than that might cause some tension, but if you keep continuing the pulling motion, you can get the job done.

The blade itself is of chrome-plated steel that is also impulse hardened. So, the additional treatment provides more lifespan. Its curved shape and three-sided teeth make the slicing process easier. However, you can fold all that sharpness aways inside the handle.

It locks securely and will not snap open. The handle itself works as a sheath, so you do not have to carry an extra case. Other protective features include a rustless blade that not only repels rust but also works very well against sticky tree sap.

Besides hiding the blade securely, the handle can also provide excellent support even if you have sweaty palms. The non-slip material makes sure that you get a good grip no matter your hand size.

  • Impulse hardened for additional strength
  • Can resist tree-sapling and rust
  • Able to saw through 4-inch diameter wood
  • Comes with a secure locking system
  • Non-slip handle locks the sharp blade
  • Only supports pulling strokes

Silky ZUBAT Arborist Professional Hand Saw

Silky ZUBAT Arborist Professional Hand Saw


When we think of pruning saws, a giant bulky, dangerous product comes to our minds. That might cause you to never pick a saw as it is heavy and useless. But that is not always the case, especially not when it comes to the Silky product.

This product is an itty bitty hand saw with the perfect dimensions to fit your palm. It is about 330 mm long, and that also includes the handle. The overall weight is not more than 300 grams; making large strokes with this tool will be like slicing through cake!

However, do not be fooled by its size, as it still packs a punch, thanks to its Japanese high-grade steel. It is 1.5 mm thick and has small spikes on the operating edge. They run throughout the body of the saw till it reaches the handle.

The shape of the steel is slightly curved, which acts as a sort of fulcrum in multiplying the force you will exert trying to cut through wood. The shape, along with the saw’s sharpness, works perfectly in slicing through wood without leaving splinters.

The blade is also a full-tang blade, which adds stability. Moreover, you also get a handle that is very easy to hold. Of course, there is an interface between the handle and the blade that will protect your hand from accidents and reduce tension. Thus it contributes to keeping the product safe from snapping.

If the blade starts to get dull or you think it is beyond repair, you can always replace it. The cherry on top is the handy scabbard! You can store the saw in that and carry it around to wherever you please.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Comes with a cool looking scabbard
  • Has an easy to function shape
  • Secure interface to prevent snapping
  • Full tang replaceable blade
  • Bit pricy

Tarvol Heavy Duty Pruning Saw

Tarvol Heavy Duty Pruning Saw


Amazon Basics 8-Inch Blade, Steel Folding Pruning

Amazon Basics 8-Inch Blade, Steel Folding Pruning


Toolux Hand Folding Pruning Saw

Toolux Hand Folding Pruning Saw


Samurai Ichiban Curved Pruning Saw

Samurai Ichiban Curved Pruning Saw


Smaller products in this category do not need a protective case as most of the time; you can fold them and store them. However, for bigger hand pruning saws or even medium-sized ones, you should have a protective case.

So, if you needed a pruning saw and also worried about storage hazard, certainly pick the tool from Samurai Ichiban. The sheath not only reduces the chances of accidental hazards but also keeps the blade safe and away from unnecessary moisture.

Besides the additional attachment, this product is quite unique in its own way. It has a 13-inch long blade with impulse-hardened features. So, it is stronger than ordinary blades and is very steel-like. To accommodate the rough cutting, it also has sharp ridges lining the top of the blade.

Each of these ridges is 4 mm apart for maximum force. The design also reduces binding and allows a smooth glide each time you pass the blade through. You will also notice a slight curve on the blade.

This curve is there for a specific reason. It mimics the shape of a tree branch; thus, while cutting, it follows a natural line that easily cuts through any diameter. Moreover, since it is a big blade, you should be able to prune branches of different sizes.

The handle is comparatively small, but that does not impact the design much as the blade has a curve. It still has enough space for you to hold, and the cushioned handle has slots where you can place your fingers for a firm grip. That should keep you comfortable.

  • Has a 13-inch impulse-hardened blade
  • Sharp ridges reduce binding
  • Cushioned handle
  • Curving blade helps in cutting
  • Protective sheath
  • Might be a bit heavy

Fiskars Extend Tree Pruner

Fiskars Extend Tree Pruner


Many people have large trees around their backgrounds, and for obvious reasons, they like maintaining them and giving them a chance to grow more beautifully. Hence, you will have to clean tree branches that may have gone rogue from time to time.

But you cannot clean or touch the branches that are so high with a regular pruning saw, or any other gardening tool for that matter. What you need is an extendable pruner, and luckily Fiskars Power has one for you.

It is 14 feet tall, and if you extend your hand, you get additional height as well. So, it is pretty tall to reach some far ends of a tree. The handle is pretty sturdy and lightweight to make lifting it around easier.

The whole product is about 5.8 pounds, which should make things simpler. Besides its lightweight stature, the tool has a unique design for clocking more force. You can simply move your hand in push or pull strokes to saw, but there is another way as well.

It has a power leveler technology or a 15-inch wood zig. A spring-like study string is present at the nape of the blade, and it extends down. So, you can simply pull on the string to get maximum force instead of moving the whole product to cut.

This feature provides more stability and speed as well. Moreover, the blade itself is ideal thanks to the low-friction coating. It makes cutting through saps and gums an easy process, and you can easily power through 1 to 1/2-inch diameter.

  • A handy tool for cutting upward
  • Has a 14 feet leverage
  • Comes with fiberglass, lightweight handle
  • Power leveler technology
  • Low-friction coating for speedy cutting
  • Not a multipurpose tool

What Makes a Perfect Pruning Saw?

If you are going to invest money in such a tool, it better be the best. And not only in terms of market competition, but your own needs. So, below are a few points that will help you decide which pruning saw will be the best for you.


Evidently, one of the most important parts of the bow saws is the blade. Without the right kind, you will not get the results you want. Now, there are various materials such as stainless steel, Japanese models, and Taiwan steel, and you should know how sharp and durable each of these is.

For example, a Japanese model will be excellent if you are looking for medium-sized pruners for semi-heavy or heavy work. They hold up well and can cope with a push or pull stroke. On the other hand, if you want a pocket or a folding pruner, going for a simple stainless steel blade will be more cost-effective and efficient.


Aside from the material that decides the durability of these products, you also have to look out for the sharpness that comes with spiky edges called teeth.

So, on the sharp side of these blades, small ridges protrude outward and are placed at a similar distance. These teeth help to rip through the extremely hard exterior of a branch with relative ease.

Sometimes it has a three-side design as well, so you can stroke at whichever angle you like. Something to take note of is how far each tooth is placed from the other. Compact teeth set will generate more force.


If you are not into big pruners and just want a small tool, you should check for some features to make the purchase worthwhile. Such as a pocket pruner should have a folding blade. It makes the tool more compact and easy to carry.

There are also models that look like the alphabet D. So, the handle is closed, and you get a firm grip without applying much effort. It can come in handy for people with injuries. Besides, folding the blade reduces the need for a case making the tool more flexible.


Size goes hand in hand with the model. A pocket knife will obviously be smaller than a regular pruner. However, even within a type, the length of the blade can vary. That is why you should know which length you would want. Usually, bigger pruners have 10 to 14 inches. If you add the length of the handle, it can reach about 17-18 inches.

On the other side, small pruner blades will not be more than 7 or 8 inches. Their width will also be smaller.


Since it is a manual tool, you have to pay attention to the handle. How you hold it, how much space it has, the grip, all of these factors will tell how easily you can use the tool. Usually, these pruners have a long cylindrical handle.

So, you have to check whether it is wide enough for your palm to fit perfectly. If not, the overlapping of fingers might put some strain. Moreover, if you have arthritis or any injury, the handle should accommodate soft cushioned rubbers or non-slipping grips.


The overall weight of the product also factors in when you decide how comfortable the product is. Again, it being a manual tool means you do most of the work, and if the saw is extremely heavy, it will be hard to carry it around.

So, you need to check how much weight you can handle and keep in mind that the operating weight will differ from its resting weight. At the same time, do not go for extremely lightweight models as they are prone to breaking.


The protective features of a sharp tool are always important. If the saw is a foldable model, you must ensure that the safety latch works properly. You do not want it to go rogue on you and pop out at unwanted times.

Besides that, if the blades are heat-treated or have layers that resist tree saps and rust, that can be a bonus point.


You should not keep a large pruning saw unattended. So, after you finish using it, you should store it somewhere, and sheaths are a perfect place. The sheath fabric is tough, and the blade cannot poke through it. You can even carry some sheaths around you back if they have a belt or a strap system. 

Types of Pruning Saws

Now that you know almost every there is to know about these best-selling items, we thought of going the extra mile and discussing some basic type of pruning saw.

Large Pruning Saws

A type of saw that we did not cover largely in this review is a large pruning saw or machine saws. Those models are most suitable for heavy work, professional woodworking, or furnishing business. So, if you are involved in such activities, you might want to keep such a model in your tool shed.


Next comes the hand-held models that are very versatile and easy to use. These items will be more suitable for intermediary work, but you can also test them for heavy-duty purposes. Just make sure that the blade and overall design can handle the stress.

These models are easy to use and also in an affordable price range. However, some models can be quite expensive, but they surely have features like a heat-treated blade or a unique handle. You are mostly like to find 15 to 18 inches hand-held pruning saws.

Straight and Curved

Among the hand-held saws, there are again different kinds, but what you will notice immediately is the blades. Sometimes the blades are straight, while sometimes they are curved. Each of these designs have their own benefits; of course, you just have to know which one is your pick.

A curved blade is excellent for heavy-duty work. It makes the process easier as it has a shape that naturally follows the outlines of a branch. Moreover, these blades can also be stronger.

On the other hand, smaller models like pocket saws have straight blades. This kind is nothing super fancy, but they are a good pick for beginners. It is very easy to saw with a straight blade, and you can apply both push and pull strokes at all times.


Here comes a unique product with all the features of a hand-held pruning saw, but you can work high above thanks to its extended pole. The magic happens at the junction between the blade and the pole, where it allows you to saw vertically just by moving the handle.

Sometimes there are also spring strings that facilitate the process. So, instead of moving your hand, you can pull on the string to move the blade. This model will certainly need some time before you get the hang of it, but it is quite useful if you love to trim trees.


A commonly found and well-loved model is a foldable pruning saw. These items can be super versatile and travel-friendly, which is why most people keep one handy. Even though it is small, it still has all the features of a large saw, but in a mini version, hence it becomes a perfect multi-tasking companion.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does heat-treating work?

This process makes the blade stronger. It has three stages, namely the heating, soaking, and cooling stages. In all those stages, the blade goes through extreme cold or heat to reach the effect that you want.

  • How to clean pruning saws?

To get rid of dust or removable stain, use a warm cloth. Gently wipe the blade and be mindful of the teeth. If you are dealing with sticky tree sap, you will have to use paint thinner to remove the sap first.

  • Can I over prune trees?

Excessive pruning is possible, which can be harmful. But you can avoid that by only cleaning the parts that are impossible to avoid while letting the rest of the tree of the bush to breathe.

  • What size of pruning saw do I need?

Their sizes differ based on your need. In case of heavy-duty work such as woodworking or getting rid of large barks, you need a saw that is at least 17 inches. For twigs or trimming, a pocket saw will work.

  • Can I prune thick branches?

Yes, you can, depending on the capability of your blade. You can also learn some techniques such as the three-cut rule or the collar cut to saw through thick or thin branches efficiently.

Final Words

We bet you did not know there are so many options when it comes to pruning saws, but now you are leaving with knowledge of the best pruning saw! So, it should be easy to choose one now and start fixing that backyard.

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