10 Best Ping Pong Paddle Reviews In 2023

Table tennis is one of the most popular indoor games. This game does not even require that many players like some of the other indoor games. You can have a fun-filled time with just one of your friends or a family member.

However, just like it goes for any other game, if you want to elevate your skills in this game, you will need better equipment. And the most crucial one in this game is the paddle.

And getting the best ping pong paddle for improving your skills in the game can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack because of how overfilled options the shelves are in the market. However, you can remain worry-free because we are here to make things more manageable for you.

Best Ping Pong Paddle Reviews And Buying Guide

Narrowing down the options can make the choosing process feel like carrying out an effortless task. However, doing that by yourself in this case is something that is easier said than done. Well, to make things easier, we have gone ahead and done that for you. The narrowed-down list that we have put up for you is as follows:

STIGA Pro Carbon Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket

STIGA Pro Carbon Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket


Not all of the paddles you will stumble upon in the market will be classifiable as the best table tennis racket for professionals. The tournament-approved ones are actually the ones that would fall in this bracket of paddles. And a perfect example of that would be this unit that Stiga is offering.

Unlike most of the paddles that are out there, this one has a dual layer of carbon. Multiple layers of carbon enhance the overall responsiveness. Also, the rigidity of the unit is enhanced substantially because of that. As a result, the durability factor that it achieves is relatively higher than most other ones in the market.

Apart from that, blade that it boasts is of 6-ply wood. That makes it extremely lightweight. Alongside that, the handle also sports a concave design. That lightweight wood is also going to lower your reaction time and increase the speed of the swings.

Other than that, the rubber material that it utilizes on the exterior is of high quality. That is combined with the 2 millimeters of sponge. For those two, the transfer of energy from the handle will be highly efficient. Also, the vibration absorbing capability gets enhanced because of those two.

Lastly, it has a speed rating of 99, a spin rating of 100, and the control rating is at 80. For that reason, it has been certified by ITTF as a tournament-ready tennis racket.

  • Professional-grade certified
  • Two layers of carbon
  • Highly rigid overall construction
  • Responsiveness is extremely high
  • Lightweight center wood
  • Might not be that suitable for beginners
  • Backside of some of the units does not have an appropriate amount of glue

Killerspin Jet800 SPEED N2 Ping Pong Paddle

Killerspin Jet800 SPEED N2 Ping Pong Paddle


We hope you are not tired of seeing Killespin products in our listing because most of their offerings are worthy of recommendation. They are high performing and highly durable. And this one can perfectly illustrates that.

First of all, the table tennis racket resides in the professional grade of paddles. It achieves that position because of the striking power and heavy spinning capability that it has. Because of the striking power, you can efficiently carry out those aggressive moves in a competitive game.

Besides that, the overall durability of the unit is quite praiseworthy too. It sports a construction of composite 7-ply wood. Alongside that, there is an infusion of carbon fiber, which makes it exceptionally sturdy. Those two will basically enhance the overall lifespan substantially.

Apart from that, the handle that it sports has a contoured design. That design is mainly implemented by the manufacturer to maximize overall comfort. It will enable you to get a firm hold of the racket during those aggressive matches.

Also, it will be able to offer you a substantial amount of control that is required for competitive gameplays.

The rubber that it has on the body is of high-tension grade. Because of that, heavy spin during serving will be an easy task for you. Also, the sides utilize wooden tape technology. That will protect the internal blade from impacts and accidental drops.

  • Provides a high level of striking power
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Utilizes wooden tape technology on the sides
  • Features a 7-ply wooden center
  • Sturdy overall construction
  • Some of the paddles can ship with improperly applied glue
  • Grip on the handle tends to get loose over time

Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket Set, Ping Pong Paddle

Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket Set, Ping Pong Paddle


It is quite natural to want the thing that you are spending a considerable amount of money on remaining pristine for a long time. In the case of paddles, you would require a case for that. And you would not have to buy that separately if you opt for what Butterfly is offering here.

First of all, the package includes a racket case, just like we mentioned above. It will not only provide protection from environmental elements but also allow it to withstand impacts during transportations. You can elongate the lifespan substantially because of that.

Other than that, the racket that you are going to find in the package has a tournament-approved certification by ITTF. It achieved that certification because of the spin and the speed rating that it has. You are sure to get a competitive edge with this.

The handle of the unit has a rounded design. Because of that flared design, you can comfortably hold onto the handle for a long amount of time. Also, that design enhances the overall grip of the handle. As a result, you will get maximum control over each of the swings that you would have to make during a game.

Besides that, the rubber and the sponge that the unit utilizes are both of high quality. The thickness of the rubber is 2.1 millimeters, which increases the responsiveness of the unit substantially. Also, the thick sponge increases the overall stability.

  • Certified tournament-grade paddle
  • Comes with a case
  • Features 2.1 millimeters thick rubber on the exterior
  • Has a high rating of speed and control
  • Handle is comfortable to hold onto
  • Rubber is a bit sticky
  • Might be too lightweight for some players

NIBIRU SPORT Ping Pong Paddle Sets

NIBIRU SPORT Ping Pong Paddle Sets


Franklin Sports Ping Pong Paddle Set with Balls 

Franklin Sports Ping Pong Paddle Set with Balls


JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddles Sets

JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddles Sets


Killerspin JET200 Ping Pong Paddle

Killerspin JET200 Ping Pong Paddle


Abco Tech Ping Pong Paddle

Abco Tech Ping Pong Paddle


STIGA Tournament-Quality Titan Table Tennis Racket

STIGA Tournament-Quality Titan Table Tennis Racket


The racket manufacturer STIGA seems to have an extensive lineup of tennis paddles to offer to the market. Most of their offerings are highly reliable and outputs decent performance. This one that we are going to take a look at is no exception.

Like most of the high-end paddles that are out there, this one also has ITTF approval. That approval makes it tournament-ready. The ratings are also up to par with the other high-end units. It has a speed rating of 80, a spin of 77, and a control is at 82. You are definitely going to have the edge over your opponent with this one.

Other than that, the rubber that it implements on the exterior is inverted. A 2 millimeter thick sponge accompanies that rubber. Because of those two, the control that you are going to get over your movements will surely amaze you.

Apart from that, the blade that it has in the middle is of 5-ply wood. As the wood is of Balsa type, the weight of the unit remains considerably low. Thus, the speed will be much higher than most of the other paddles available in the market. Also, you are going to enjoy a lower reaction time for that.

Besides that, the handle that it sports is of Italian composite wood. It will offer a higher level of comfort. Alongside that, the design that it utilizes will let you have a firm grip on the handle.

  • ITTF approved
  • Center plywood is lightweight
  • Features a 2 millimeters thick sponge
  • Handle has an Italian composite wood
  • Offers an exceptional amount of control
  • Durability is a bit questionable
  • Some players might find it too light for their playing style

Killerspin JET 600 Table Tennis Paddle, Ping Pong Paddle

Killerspin JET 600 Spin N2 Table Tennis Paddle, Ping Pong Paddle


Just like some of the other manufacturers, Killerspin has also been pushing out rackets for a very competitive price point. Usually, most of their offerings are of high quality. And this one is no different.

Like most of the rackets that are being offered by Killerspin, this one also has the ITTF approval. Because of that approval, this one can be regarded as a true competition-grade paddle. So whether you are an advanced player or an intermediate one, you will surely find it suitable for your type of playing style.

Other than that, the middle section of the unit has five layers of plywood. That wood is about 6 millimeters thick. And as it is of high quality, you would not have to worry about the durability that much. It is going to last for an extended amount of time without showing any deterioration in performance.

Talking about the performance, the design that it implements is balanced for both aggressive and control gameplay. Even though the center is pretty thick, the weight of the body is pretty light. And for that reason, it gets some amazing scores on tests. Out of ten, it has a rating of 8 for speed, 9 for the spin, and 8.5 for control.

The rubber coating that it has is 2 millimeters thick. It is the Nitrx-4z rubber, which will increase the overall durability even further. Also, the manufacturer implemented a unique design for the handle to maximize overall comfort.

  • Certified competitive-grade racket
  • Two millimeters thick high-tension rubber
  • Durability level is reasonably high
  • Thick center blade
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Glue utilized for attaching the handle is a bit weak
  • Rubber is not that consistent throughout the entire body

What To Look For Before Buying?

We know how excited you are about picking up one of the paddles that we have included in our review section. But before you do pick one of them or any of the units that are on the market, there are few points that you should keep in mind.

Those will enable you to efficiently scrutinize the rackets and get the most out of the money you will spend. The factors to consider are as follows:

The Quality of The Wood

As you probably know by now, the center blade of the paddles is of wood. And the quality and the layers of wood will vary from one unit to another.

While many might think that having a larger number of wooden layers generally means that the racket will perform well, that is not the case for every paddle.

Having multiple cheap quality wooden layers does not really add up to the overall performance. In fact, those are going to perform much worse than the usual ones with a lower number of wooden layers.

Yes, having multiple layers does add up to the overall durability, but that will only happen if the quality of the wood is good. For that reason, you should consider the quality of the wood first.


Another material that you would have to stay wary of is the rubber that the rackets utilize. The type of rubber you choose will eventually dictate the type of playing style you will implement. For example, if you plan to make your ball spin a lot, you would want to go for the ones that implement a grippy rubber.

There are generally three different textures when it comes to rubber. They are waffling, pimples, and dimples. These textures will dictate the time that the ball will stick to the paddle’s surface after coming in contact.

Usually, defensive players tend to like the additional traction that some of the rubbers have. That added traction enhances the overall control.

Apart from all that, you should also factor in the quality of the rubber. Most of the paddles will skimp on this part. What you should consider first is whether there is an even distribution of rubber throughout the surface or not.

Alongside that, ensure that the exterior rubber is not too thick, or else you will not get that much amount of striking power.


The last build material that you will have to consider is the sponge. It is the material that goes in between the exterior rubber and the wood. The main function of this material is to absorb all the impacts. Alongside that, high-quality and thinner sponges can enhance overall control substantially.

However, if you are looking for a higher amount of speed, you should opt for the ones that feature thicker sponges. Those can provide a higher level of speed and will allow you to make swift movements.


The quality of the three materials that we have mentioned above will eventually dictate the units’ overall durability. And as you are going to spend a considerable amount of money on one of these, you should factor in the overall durability before buying.

Moreover, the paddles that utilize quality materials are the ones that you should shoot for. Those will have a longer lifespan and will last for an extended amount of time.


Almost all of the paddles that are out there will be at least 85 percent wood. That much amount of wood can make the paddles heavy, which not all of the players prefer. However, there are many with high-quality wood yet have a minimal amount of weight.

But the thing is that different players have different preferences for the paddle’s weight. Many might prefer lightweight ones, while many might prefer heavier ones. Usually, professionals tend to lean towards the relatively heavier ones because of the control that they offer.

For that reason, if you are a complete newbie, we would suggest opting for the heftier ones for the overall control that they offer. Also, you are going to get used to the weight after playing a couple of matches eventually.

The Handle

Another important factor that you will have to consider is the handle of the paddle. First of all, you need to consider whether the design that it has is comfortable or not.

If the one that you are shooting for does not have enough contouring, we would suggest not choosing it. Because without proper contours, the comfort that it would be able to offer will be not that high.

Apart from that, if you happen to opt for a rubber-coated one, we would recommend you check the rubber’s quality thoroughly. As the handle is where your hand is going to be the most, it would wear out relatively fast.

The ones with cheap rubber coating will wear out even faster. And you would not be able to get that much amount of control over your moves with a worn-out handle.


Most of the paddles that you are going to stumble on in the market will have ITTF approvals. They get that certification after going through some of the tests and getting different ratings. The factors that ITTF considers are speed, control, and spin. And the higher these ratings will be, the better the racket is going to perform.

However, many decent-performing paddles in the market do not have any sort of certification, nor do they have any ratings. So if you happen to stumble upon a racket that does not have any ratings, do make sure that you consider the other factors before moving it out of your consideration list.


Not all manufacturers are going to include a paddle case with the racket. However, this one is an important factor that you should consider because without this, traveling around with the paddle can become a hassle.
So if you do not want to purchase one of the cases separately, we would recommend going with the ones that bundle along with a case.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What side of the table tennis racket makes the ball go faster?

Well, even though most of the units will have the same type of texture on each of the sides, some might have a different texture. Usually, the red one will allow the ball to go fast.

  • Which side makes the ball attain a better spin?

For the rackets that have different types of textured sides, the side that is colored in black or blue is the one that will add extra spin to the balls. So if you want to make hit the ball and add extra spin to it, you would want to use that side.

  • When were the rules regarding the scores of ping pong games changed?

The rules regarding the score were changed in 2001 by ITTF. Before, the players needed to score 21 points to win. And after the revision of the rules, now players will have to score 11 points to win.

Do I need a carrying case for the ping pong paddle?

Yes, we would highly recommend investing in a case for your racket. It will protect the unit from damages that might occur during transportation.

  • Is it necessary to serve a ping pong ball diagonally?

If there are only two players, you must serve the ball diagonally. However, if there are two teams of two playing the match, you can serve in any direction that you prefer.

Final Words

Hopefully, we could efficiently narrow down the overall available options that choosing the best ping pong paddle is an easy task for you now. To conclude, we hope that no matter which one you decide to get, you can get the maximum amount of control and comfort.

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