Best Impact Sockets Reviews In 2023

There is so much happening when you press a button on an impact wrench, and it starts drilling. You get a motor that generates power, the drilling nose that works on the lugs and nuts, and many other parts.

One such crucial part is an impact socket. It might not be a widely known term, but this is the part that absorbs the initial vibration caused by the motor. Hence you do not feel much discomfort while working with such a powerful tool.

However, only the best impact sockets can manage to absorb vibration yet provide the energy needed for drilling seamlessly. As you can see, this item is essential for an impact wrench, and you can know more about it from this comprehensive review.

Why Impact Sockets?

Impact wrenches and drivers are slightly different than ordinary drilling machines. You can do much more with them than just drilling. Moreover, you can fasten and unfasten multiple drill bits with the same tool. But to complement such a tool, you also need special sockets, and those are impact sockets.

These items work particularly well in coping with the copious amount of vibration that an impact wrench generates. If you do not use such a product, it will become challenging to control the machine in the first place, let alone unfasten something with accuracy.

You could use simple sockets too, but those will not have the brute strength that an impact socket can provide.

9 Best Impact Sockets Reviews

Needless to say that there are several sockets of various kinds available, and you are wondering which one would be the best. But no need to worry; sit back and follow the list to easily find a model that best suits your needs.

Neiko 02474A Impact Socket Set

Neiko 02474A Impact Socket Set


When you look at regular sockets and impact sockets side by side, you will always notice that the impact ones are dark and have a matte finish. Well, we are here to say that this small feature actually plays a crucial part.

That is why you should consider Neiko products as they also have a black finish. They achieve this look with the help of black phosphate coating. But it is not just any black phosphate from a lab; it is of premium quality.

This material helps water and moisture to bounce away from the surface. Since wrenches work with high pressure, it is possible that moisture can get trapped. But thanks to this coating, the vapor cannot harm the item.

Besides that, the product itself is quite strong. It has vanadium steel alloy as its main component which gives the product exceptional strength. And it allows the wrench to amplify the torque by a lot.

As a result, you get more output from the same power tool. Hence, the tool is an excellent purchase as it is less corrosive, does not form rust, and also increases power. It also has smart markings for easy identification! But besides all of that, you also get quite a versatile set.

With 15 sockets ranging from 10 mm to 25 mm, you get a wide range to work with. Plus, the set does not skip any size. So, you will not have to search for a separate piece to complete the set. Moreover, all of these have a strong grip, thanks to the flank drive design.

  • Complete set with not skipping
  • Strong anti-corrosive coating
  • 6-point flank drive design enhances gripping
  • Does not absorb moisture
  • Smart markings
  • Might round off after extensive use

EPAuto 1/2-Inch Drive SAE Deep Impact Socket Set

EPAuto 1/2-Inch Drive SAE Deep Impact Socket Set


Often you have to work with fasteners that are longer than the typical size. But you cannot use an impact socket even if it has impressive durability. You need something that has an extended length to support the size of the drill bits.

That is where the products from EPAuto can help. Their impact sockets are perfectly compatible with the special extension bars from the same manufacturer. These bars are long and can easily generate the high torque needed to work with large fasteners.

Besides that, these sockets are also compatible with breaker bars. You can attach them with bars of 24 inches and loosen a lug manually. They are especially handy if the lugs are very rusted, and you cannot use any pneumatic or electric wrenches.

On top of that, you get 11 different sizes, and all of them will fit the breaking bars and extension bars easily. So, this set is a very versatile set that has both manual and electrical implications. Moreover, the long bar also makes it easy to manually wrench the lug open.

Besides that, each socket should last for a long time since it has a fantastic vanadium steel construction, sourced straight from Taiwan. Professional engineers have also run rigorous tests on these tools and thus released them for common consumers.

So, it is certain that these will not cause additional damage to your product or even your health. For added protection, it also has a manganese phosphate coating and a sandblasted finish, which gives the socket its smooth outlook.

  • Extremely versatile set that can work manually and electrically
  • Compatible with breaker bars and extension bars
  • Solid vanadium steel body
  • Passes various rigorous tests
  • Sandblasted finish for added protection
  • Does not have distinct size labels

Gearwrench Metric Impact Socket Set

Gearwrench Metric Impact Socket Set


We have already talked about a set from GEARWRENCH, and if you loved that set but were wishing for a few more sockets in the list, then we might have good news for you!

The set we are introducing now has 44 different sockets! Among these 44 pieces, you not only get the essential sizes but also get some unique pieces like extension bars or other specialty pieces like universal joints. These extension bars will come in 3/8” and 1/2”.

You will also receive more than one universal unit. On top of that, you will get an extremely sturdy case that is metal clad. The interior is just as elegant as the exterior, with foam-coated slots for each of the 44 pieces. So, when you store them, the foam will protect it.

Moreover, the organization becomes even easier, thanks to the high visibility of hard-stamped labels. The etchings are deep enough that you can figure out the number by running your fingers across it. However, do not worry that laser printing causing damage to the body.

In fact, these pieces have one of the strongest elements suitable for an impact socket. Like the previous model, this will also boast molybdenum alloy steel, which drastically improves each product’s strength. Additionally, it also has an off-corner system to prevent dullness.

So, when you insert the socket onto a fastener, the sharp edges of the object will not align with the product — thus preventing rounding off. As a result, you can use this set for a long time without having to purchase replacements.

  • Large set with 44 pieces
  • Comes with specialty pieces
  • Easy-to-read laser markings
  • Elegant and sturdy case
  • Molybdenum material adds to the strength
  • Not a suitable set for beginners

DEWALT Impact Socket Set

DEWALT Impact Socket Set


EPAuto 1/2-Inch Drive Metric Deep Impact Socket Set

EPAuto 1 2-Inch Drive Metric Deep Impact Socket Set


CASOMAN 3/8″ Drive Impact Socket Set

CASOMAN 3/8" Drive Impact Socket Set


ARTIPOLY 1/2″ Drive Deep Impact Socket Set

ARTIPOLY 1 2 Drive Deep Impact Socket Set


AVID POWER 18pcs 1/2-inch Drive Impact Socket Set

AVID POWER 18pcs 1/2-inch Drive Impact Socket Set


TEKTON 1/2 Inch Drive Deep 6-Point Impact Socket Set

TEKTON 1/2 Inch Drive Deep 6-Point Impact Socket Set


A silly yet frequent problem most people face is not being able to find the correct-sized tools. As foolish as it might sound, this issue can consume a lot of time, especially if you have a plethora of tools.

The same can also happen with your sockets, and usually, people keep more than one piece for obvious reasons. However, if you purchase a set from TEKTON, you will most likely never face such a problem.

It has permanent markings on each body. The high-contrast etching makes it super easy to see the size number, and also, it is quite apparent to the touch. So, you can guess the number in the dark just by touching the product. It is quite a handy feature as you get 12 of these in a pack.

All 12 of them vary in size, so you can use it according to the pin’s size that you want to unfasten. However, this model is 3/8 inches, which is different than the previous model we discussed. So, you have to use impact wrenches that fit this size.

However, having different size options makes it versatile anyway. This set is also very durable and has high-quality vanadium as its main body. So it can easily handle the torque from the drill. Besides that, its black color comes from a special coating.

A black phosphate finish protects the exterior from corrosion and rust, thus increasing its lifespan. The products are also suitable for fasteners that are on the longer side. And the 6-point deep broach can easily hold on to a fastener even if it is long.

  • 12 socket versatile pack
  • Industrial grade body
  • Easy to identify markings
  • Can easily accommodate long fasteners
  • Added protective layer
  • Does not come in a secured package

Things To Consider Before Buying

Now that you know which ones are worth it, you might have decided to purchase them already. But hold on, because you need also to check whether your favorite model specifically meets your demands or not. And you can figure that out with this buying guide.

The Set

Choosing a set is very simple, and you will know which sizes you usually need to work with. However, if you are just starting to build your kit and do not know which sizes are a must, you can go for sets with more than ten pieces.

Those sets will usually contain the most important sizes, and if you simply need sockets for DIY projects, such sets will suit you.

If you are a professional, you might want to indulge in a larger set with more tools. You can also look for extension bars, breaker bars, and universal units if you want an all-around set. However, always keep an eye on whether the set is skipping sizes or not. If it does, you will have to buy individual pieces of the missing size.


The main element of these products determines a lot about their overall performance. These products are small, to begin with, and do not have many parts. So, the main body is all you get, and that body has to be strong to absorb the vibration like it is supposed to.

Usually, chrome vanadium alloy is present in these items; that material will give you the best impact sockets for the money; however, if you want extra strength, molybdenum alloy. They pack more punch and are more malleable. As a result, the chances of chipping are significantly less with this material.


Aside from absorbing additional vibration from the pneumatic or electronic wrench, these items can also amplify the toque. It does so with the help of its unique shape and strong gripping power. The more well-made sockets will have off-rounding features so that the sharp edges do not get dull over time.

This system should protect the sockets from losing shape and also keep the lugs and nuts safe. At times, the products also have a deep slot that lets you accommodate larger fasteners. It also provides more surface area for better gripping.


To ensure that your products have extra protection, all you have to do is check whether they have a black coating or not. The black coating is usually a hydrophobic phosphate substance. So, it repels water and makes sure that the surface cannot harbor moisture. Thus, it does not rust frequently and takes a lot of time to corrode.


Since you are looking for sets, it is obvious that you will get more than one socket. But since they are so small, it is easy to misplace them. That is why you should always consider a brand that offers a sturdy case. The case will let you store all the pieces in one place and also make them portable.

You should also check if the pieces have numbers or sizes. If the stamps are absent, it might be hard for you to understand each socket’s size.

Impact Sockets Vs Regular Sockets

The primary difference between these items is the core material. An impact socket is much stronger and can absorb more vibration. That does not mean a regular socket is all bad, but its capability is slightly less than an impact one.

Another major difference is the exterior of the impact one. You will always notice a black finish on them, which is from being heat-treated or from having a phosphate layer. This extra layer protects the surface from moisture, which is absent in regular sockets.

The first model also has unique structures that prevent chipping and dulling, thus helping in preserving shelf life.

However, you should also note that an impact socket will be pricier than the regular ones, and for good reasons. So, if it suits your budget, you can always go for impact sockets.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use regular sockets on an impact wrench?

Yes, you can, but it is better to use an impact socket.

  • Is a breaker bar automated?

No, you have to use a breaker bar manually.

  • How do I know the item will stay put on the wrench?

A socket will stay put on the wrench with the help of a strapping pin that you have to insert through the hole.

The extra coating or heat treatment gives that specific shade to the product.

  • What can I do if the interior gets dull?

If the interior gets dull, you have to replace it as it can no longer grip properly.

Final Words

It is always better to invest in the best impact sockets than to replace them again and again. You can easily fall into that loop if you do not know which brands to look for. But luckily, this article should have solved that issue, and you now know where to start!

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