Top 10 Best Car Dusters in 2021

Are you not satisfied with the duster you have for cleaning your vehicle? Here I’ll let you know about the best car duster for you. Generally, you should look for a duster that can clean both the vehicle’s interior and exterior. Also, the duster must have the ability to clean magnetic dirt and dust quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, a duster should show the ability to clean without the help of a cleaning agent. It must have the capability of picking up dirt and dust from the surface of the vehicle without spreading the dust-out.

Having a neat and clean vehicle is like a treasure. Also, for your vehicle’s performance, you should clean the car regularly with the duster. As the interior part of the vehicle remains closed for the air conditioning system, you must have cleaned the interior part every day. Otherwise, dusty air can affect in your breathing.

Here I’ll let you know about 10 best car dusters on the market by this time. Also, you will find their advantages and disadvantages. Buying a duster according to your need is not an easy task. That’s why I will tell the strategy of buying a car duster. Finally, you’ll find some common questions people regularly asking on vehicle duster.

 Top 10 Best Car Duster

Here, I’ll let you know about ten best car dusters. Also, you’ll get a clear idea of are differences between them and what are the reasons behind cost varying.

Image Product Name Price
1 AutoSpa Interior Car Detail Duster Check Price
2 California Car Duster with Wooden Handle Check Price
3 Relentless Drive Car Duster Check Price
4 Swiffer 180 Dusters, Multi Surface Refills Check Price
5 upra Ultimate Car Duster Kit, Set of 4 Check Price
6 Relentless Drive Car Duster Interior Mini Check Price
7 Microfiber Car Duster Exterior Interior Cleaner Check Price
8 SENHAI Mini Duster for Car Air Vent
Check Price
9 Fasmov Car Duster Microfiber Duster Check Price
10 Happy High Decontamination Car Brush Duster Check Price

1. AutoSpa Interior Car Detail Duster

AutoSpa Interior Car Detail Duster

Chenille Microfiber noodles are the raw material of this duster. This Chenille microfiber is known as one of the best cleaning materials as it does not scrape on the surface but pick up dirt and dust effectively. The microfiber noodles are fat lard and tall. The grey colored dusting head is attached with a short, comfortable handle. The duster itself is quite small than others. The total length of the duster is 6 inches.

If you are looking for the best duster for the car interior, you should use the AutoSpa 97372AS Interior Car Detail Duster. As the noodles of this duster are thick and lengthy, they can quickly grab dirt and dust. You’ll need one wipe for removing a whole layer of dust and make your vehicle shiny. AutoSpa attracts dust like magnets. That’s why usually, it doesn’t miss any dirt and dust. It is useful on the dashboard and seats. Also, you can use it to clean the entire interior part of your vehicle.

The AutoSpa has a dimension of 7 x 5.3 x 0.2 inches and has a weight of 0.16 ounces. Form the dimension, and you can easily understand that how compact it is in shape and size. That’s why you can easily keep it in the glove box and get a chance to use it in an emergency. For a warranty, you have to contact the seller directly.


  • It uses extremely soft and scratches free Chenille microfiber.
  • It offers both long and shot dusting noodles.
  • Small in size. You can put it wherever you want.
  • Much compact and you can wash it.


  • It offers a short handle, which may cause a lack of comfort during holding.

2. California Car Duster with Wooden Handle

California Car Duster

This duster is considered as the original car duster. It is also known as the old horse of car duster. California Car duster came around many years ago. That’s is why it has much popularity. Other than a modern duster, this duster isn’t made with microfibers.

From the Name of the duster, you can easily relate that the duster has a wooden handle. What you couldn’t is, which material it is using for cleaning dust. Yes, the long and healthy noodles of the duster are made with cloth. The cloth made noodles are attached wit the head like a broom. Also, the cloth is made with 100% cotton which is coated with paraffin wax.

The maximum use of the duster may occur during summer when dry dust flying around. If you have any doubt of its effectivity, you should know that this simple build duster can clean the dust layer with a few wipes.

The California Car Duster is made for Californian drives and it also works well-printed cars. The cloth fabric is soft and has no scratch effect. Moreover, it can clean your car without using any waxes or water.

The dimension of the duster is 25 x 7 x 3 inches and has a weight of 1.43 pounds. For the warranty, you can contact the seller directly.


  • It offers 100% cloth noodles.
  • Both dry and wet cleaning of the car can be possible with the duster.
  • It has a classic design and long handle, which allows users comfortable holding.
  • It is Hypoallergic and non-toxic.


  • Using on your car for the 1st time, you have to be gentle.
  • It’ll cost you much.

3. Relentless Drive Car Duster

Relentless Drive Car Duster

The duster also has microfiber thick noodles. The Ultimate Car Duster Offers the biggest head 16″ x 6″ with 360-degree electrostatic microfiber pollen removing ability. The long handle makes it satisfying to customers, and it allows a grip around the long handle to hold it comfortably. If you are looking for the best car duster on the market, probably you are reading the right duster review. This lint-free duster offers a cylindrical head, which is a microfiber surrounded for cleaning the dust.

The head covered with microfiber has an electrostatic quality that attracts the dust thoroughly. Also, they’ll give you a protector bag to keep the duster in there. This 360 duster probably one of the best car duster for the exterior. The long handle helps to clean dust easily, and you won’t get tired easily — moreover, it provers an anti-slip handle grip supported by an anti-slip protector. You can extend the handle up to 6 inches. The Ultimate Car Duster is effective against pollen. It can clean pollen with a maximum of 2 swipes.

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Washing of this duster is an easy task. All you need lukewarm water with mild detergent use a gentle rub for washing it. Do not try to wash it in the washing machine. The dimension of the item is 21.5 x 6 x 6 inches and has a weight of 1 pound. For a warranty, you should contact directly with the seller.


  • It offers 360-degree cleaning head.
  • You will be able to extend the handle.
  • Provides grip and anti-slip protector of the grip.
  • Electrostatic microfibers attract dust well.
  • Comfortably washable.


  • Expensive than others.

4. Swiffer 180 Dusters, Multi Surface Refills

Swiffer 180 Dusters

Swiffer 180 Dusters offer a clean interior of your vehicle. This duster is not only popular for its cleaning ability but also for its Febreze Lavender Vanilla scent. So this duster can make your car interior a good smell.

It is considered as the best car dash duster. Swiffer 180 duster allows both long and short handles. That is why you can easily clean the upper area where you feel difficulties to reach. This duster can secure you from allergens come from cat and dog’s dander. Fibers are specially coated and able to grab dust quickly. For cleaning your vehicle’s tight angles and the problematic area which you will not clean easily with a 360-degree duster, this duster will be helpful as it offers trap + lock dust features.

Moreover, it is compatible with it all short and long handles of the Swiffer model. You can also use an extendable handle with it. Besides, you can use it cleaning electronics, furniture, knick-knacks, ceiling fan, etc. the dimension of the duster is 3.6 x 7.7 x 9.4 inches and has a weight of 4.6 ounces.


  • You can use it to clean up multiple surfaces at a time.
  • It can trap dust, dirt, and pollen with its disposable head.
  • Allows both long and short handles.
  • Offers sweet smell after cleaning.


  • Not suitable for exterior cleaning of your vehicle.

5. upra Ultimate Car Duster Kit, Set of 4

upra Ultimate Car Duster Kit

Ultra-Premium Car Duster is considered as the alternative of classic California cloth duster. This car duster offers 360-degrees cylindrical head, which remains covered with microfiber noodles. As the duster head offers a grey color, you can easily find out the discoloration of the head. But the most useful and effective of this duster is, it has a telescopic handle with a grip that allows you to handle the duster comfortably and quickly. Also, the handle is made of steel, that’s why there’s no chance of breaking or bending. The handle also has a length of 6 inches.

Ultra Premium Car Duster doesn’t require more than 2 swipes in one place. You can clean the surface with a single wipe if you are an expert. It depends on the amount of dirt and dust. For cleaning your car after a while you’ll need to wipes more than one time. The long handle will help you to clean the middle point of the car’s roof. You can reach up to 31 inches with this duster.

The microfibers it is using are electrostatic. That’s why the duster head can attract dust and trap them. The dimension of the duster is 21 x 6 x 6 inches and has a weight of 1 pound. You have to contact the seller for warranty purpose.


  • It offers a long handle.
  • Duster head uses electrostatic microfiber to attract the dust.
  • No hint of lint and wax.
  • It can be wash comfortably.


  • Duster head will be stringy.
  • The handle isn’t flexible.

6. Relentless Drive Car Duster Interior Mini

Relentless Drive Car Duster

We’ve already known that most of the dusters are designed for exterior cleaning purposes. But Relentless Drive Ultimate Dash Duster is specially made for the vehicle’s interior, and it is considered as one of the best car dash dusters. Like most of the interior duster, it offers a large head with a short handle. The head has a cylindrical shape. Chenille microfibers are attached with a cylindrical head and give the duster 360-degree cleaning ability. On the other hand, the handle is plastic made and only 2 inches long.

The relentless Drive Ultimate Dash Duster has a compact shape, and you can put it easily on the glove box. That means if you need to clean the interior in an emergency, you can use it in a quick time. It is suitable for cleaning the seat, window sills, dashboard, and A/C vents, etc. Microfibers are thick in shape, as they can easily trap down dust and remove dust easily. The isn’t washable. So, you have to shake it after cleaning to make it dust-free as much as you can.

The dimension of the duster is 13 x 3 x 2 inches and has a weight of 2.4 ounces.The company says this duster will be 100% satisfying for you. If it isn’t, they will repurchase it.


  • The compact design increases its efficiency.
  • It fits in the glove box.
  • The short handle gives easy cleaning in the interior part.
  • It uses the Chenille microfibers.


  • As it is not washable, dust residue can be built up.

7. Microfiber Car Duster Exterior Interior Cleaner

Microfiber Car Duster Exterior

Are you here for the best car duster review? Among the best car dusters, you can add this duster. It provides long microfibers. As a result, it can trap pollen easily between microfibers. Also, it makes sure the pollen stays trapped until you finish up your cleaning.

It is designed in classical style, but it has a combination of classic and new unique designs. It uses the Chenille microfiber broom head. The head is attached with a long handle, which you can expand 11.8 to 17.7 inches. So you don’t have to stretch out your arm uncomfortably, the telescopic handle will assist you in reaching from every unreachable and touch angle. Also, it provides grip on the handle. This duster will save your unnecessary cost by avoiding tiring and car wash. The microfibers don’t allow to push the dust on the surface. It lifts the dirt nicely, and you don’t have to worry about any scratch. It is entirely scratch-free.

The dimension of the 17.1 x 8 x 4.5 inches and has a weight of 1.16 pounds. For warranty purposes, you should contact the seller directly.


  • Long handle helps to clean dust and pollen from a distance.
  • It uses microfiber for trapping down the dust particles.
  • Works good on both interior and exterior of a car.
  • Lage’s head helps to clean a large area at a time.


  • It doesn’t allow 360-degree cleaning.

8. SENHAI Mini Duster for Car Air Vent

SENHAI Mini Duster

Are you looking for the best car duster is a cheap rate? Then SENHAI Mini Duster is for you. It is specially designed for cleaning inside of the vents. Now come to the design of the duster. It has a unique design. This duster has two ends. On one end, they offer microfibers cleaning cloth, and on the other end, there has a brush with hard plastic bristles. So, you have to brush off the dust with one end, and then with another end, you have to wipe the rushing area.

This duster is tiny in size. So you can easily push it inside the A/C vents, speaker, and any other small area. You can use the brush only to clean the car interior. Also, you can use it to clean other stuff. You have to be careful because the brush part contains strong plastic bristles that can cause scratches.

The major plus point of the SENHAI is you can wash it with water. Moreover, you can clean dust from shutters, buttons, etc. inside the car. The dimension of the product is 6.1 x 5.7 x 0.9 inches and has a weight of 3.84 ounces.


  • SENHAI offers two in one duster, which has a nylon brush and microfiber cloths.
  • Suitable for cleaning inside any air vents.
  • Easy to use and washable.
  • They provide 3 brush dusters.


  • Not suitable for cleaning exterior parts.
  • Often causes scratch.

9. Fasmov Car Duster Microfiber Duster

Fasmov Car Duster

Fasmov Car Duster renowned for its class look. It offers an extendable steel handle with a comfortable grip. It has a large head with long wax-treated cotton noodles. That’s why it looks like a rectangular broom-like shape. As a result, it does a great job of collecting dust particles and trap them down. Also, the wax-treated cotton fibers are soft. You don’t have to panic about any scratch.

As it is soft, you can use it both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. The duster can expand up to 33.5 inches. The dimension of the duster is 16 x 5 x 2.4 inches and 15.5 ounces. Broom head length is 15.7 inches.


  • Long handle helps to clean dust and pollen from a distance.
  • Works good on both interior and exterior of a car.
  • Large head helps to clean vast areas at a time.
  • You will be able to extend the handle. Provides grip and anti-slip protector of the grip.
  • It offers an affordable price..


  • It is not suitable for a wash. Otherwise wax-treated cotton can damage.

10. Happy High Decontamination Car Brush Duster

Happy Car Brush Duster

The Happy Road Car Duster offers completely lint-free and scratch-free cleaning. That’s why it is the right choice for both interior exterior cleaning. Also, it works great on painted surfaces. It doesn’t affect the paint at all. The long and sturdy handle makes the cleaning easier that everyone would love to clean their vehicle with Happy Road Car Duster.

As I’ve already told that the handle is extendable. You can expand the telescopic handle 25.98” to 29.92”. Also, they provide a soft grip for comfortable holding purposes. Moreover, it allows the user to clean dust from the rooftop of the vehicle without anybody stretching. The dimension of the product is 16.2 x 4.6 x 2.8 inches and has a weight of 1.05 pounds only.


  • Suitable for both interior and exterior.
  • Has very lightweight.
  • Offers an expandable handle.
  • Low maintenance cost.


  • It doesn’t allow 360-degree cleaning at a time.

What to Look before Buying a Car Duster?

So far, I am talking about the Best Car Duster. But sometimes you have to know the condition of your car and what type of duster should be useful for your car. Here I’ll let you know about the things you should consider before buying a car duster.

Cotton or Microfiber

At the beginning, you need to know is what duster will be suitable for your vehicle. Cotton duster offers very soft and scratches free rubbing. On the other hand, microfiber duster offers lint-free and scratch-free rubbing. Both will be good for your car. But the problem is, you couldn’t wash cotton duster. Because it is not washable. All you could do is some dry wash on the cotton duster. Microfiber duster has a washing problem. That’s why you must decide what type of duster will be suitable for your vehicle.

The shape of duster head

The shape of the duster head matters much. Simply think, if you use a tiny head duster for exterior cleaning, you have done more labor for cleaning. On the other hand, for interior use, the large head isn’t suitable. Because you cannot be able to reach a tight angle with a large head. For interior cleaning of your vehicle, small 360-duster will be useful.

Handle length

Another important thing you must look before buying a duster. For example, the short handle won’t allow you to reach the rooftop of the vehicle. So, what will you do then? On the other hand, for entering and cleaning the tight angle, you’ll need a short handle. That’s why before buying you must know that, for exactly what type of cleaning you have to do and then select the suitable one.

Does duster need any cleaning material?

Some dusters demand some kind of liquid and agent for cleaning the vehicle. You must look if the duster needs any cleaning material.

Washable or non-washable

You should know whether the duster is washable or not. Washable duster lasts longer than non-washable. If you have any plan of changing duster on a regular basis, you can use a non-washable duster. Car duster, which offers threads coated with wax, is genuinely non0-washable. Also, do not dry to wash duster with other materials or other rough brush. Simply wash duster with the bare hand.

Additional tips

  • It is better to use 2 different dusters for interior and exterior cleaning.
  • Do not try to wash the duster in the washing machine.
  • Do not use water for the cleaning if the duster doesn’t require any.
  • Try to use a compact duster for interior use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a California Car Duster last long?

Yes, California duster last long. It is a classical duster type. That’s why instead of steel handle, it uses a wooden handle. Also, it has a lot of weight. Buying a California duster will not only save your money, but also it will save much time as it lasts between 15 to 10 years.

Do car dusters scratch paint?

No. car duster doesn’t allow the fiber to scratch on any surface. Because they use very soft fiber for cleaning. For exterior use, you can use a classical duster. They don’t need more than one wipe in one place to clean the dust.

Is it possible to wash Swiffer Dusters?

Yes, it is possible. As the Swiffer duster is not the regular type of car duster, many people think that it is not washable. But it is more than washable. Do don’t need any care at the time of washing. Just throw it with the washing basin with regular dishes. And wash it with liquid soap.

Can I wash all type of duster?

No, you can’t. Some dusters are made of soft wax coated cotton fiber. If you wash them with water and liquid soap, the wax may damage. As a result, duster won’t be effective as before. But you can wash the duster, which is using microfiber.

Final Note

So far, we are discussing the best car duster and their advantages and disadvantages. Car duster is an essential thing. Sometimes it turns into the most necessary thing you are needed if you have any dust allergy problem. It is better to use two separate dusters for exterior and interior. Do not try to wash cars mad guard with the duster. Hopefully, these suggestions will be effective and solve out your any problem related to car washing.

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