Bear Montana Longbow Review In 2023

Before starting the bear montana longbow review, a couple of things you should know about bear montana longbow arrows. This is not a new item from Bear Montana Longbow was come up in the late ’90s. From then it came to the personal choice of great archers for their effortless performance.

Montana offers tapered limb lamination, slim tips, and a slightly reflexed design for speed and stability. Among many longbow models, bear montana longbow hunting is considered one of the best.

Bear Montana Longbow Review

Bear Montana Longbow


Another thing you should know, this longbow is highly recommended for those above 18 years old but who love the challenge of handling this compound bow. Mostly recommended for expert archers who have the skill to shoot a longbow accurately.

So, if you are that kind of archer who has the passion to use longbows over riffles then age doesn’t matter for you, and go for this one.  Time to know much more details about Bear Montana Longbow.

Why I Bought Montana Longbow Features

Like other Longbows of Bear, the Montana Longbow has some unique functionality that makes it great. Besides its weight and strength, this longbow offers high-quality materials. Let’s go through the complete review of Bear Montana Longbow.

Structure and Material

As usual, all the killer models of anything must have some unique qualities in their design and material. Among structures, we have separated the riser, limbs, and leather grip into the section as they will make it easy to understand.


It is among the most critical parts longbow and the main objective of the riser is to improve the accuracy. The bear montana longbow brown maple is made with black dymondwood maple, cut-on-center, and radiused.


You’ve already known that limbs are beams of any recurve longbow, they provide the obligate strength for the bow sight. Typically, we use to see longbow strings wear out and lose the tension as well as the grip from the wooden limb part of the bow. But Bear Montana comes with a white maple-coated longbow’s limb which is covered by black fiberglass. The limbs reinforced slimmer tips and the handcrafted black fiberglass can handle high-performance string materials. 


This longbow features a smooth finish grip which allows you to release the arrows without much effort and without getting their speed affected. The special THWIP! sound will make you feel very traditional and special. Though some professional archers recommended Bear Montana to replace the thin grip which is made with cheap leather.


They provide a D97 Flemish Twist bowstring. The recommendation of brace height from the manufacturer is 7 ½ – 8 ½ inches. bear montana longbow replacement string length is 61”. Don’t make yourself confused before buying the replacement string. Most of the cases you’ll find AMO 64” which indicates 61” string. AMO 64” suggests the size of the bow.

The specialty of this D97 string is you’ll be able to take a second shot within seconds and if you want you can use a string silencer.

Draw Weight & Length

You’ll get different draw weights between 30 to 60 pounds. As the draw weight is permanent in the longbow, you can’t replace it. So, purchase carefully. It is an ideal hunting longbow.

Montana is available for both right- and left-hand archers Also it offers 45,50 and 55 lbs. for archers who use smaller-frame. But the Bear Montana Longbow is not suitable for any amateur or entry-level archers. Because it needs some serious muscle work. The ideal draw length of Montana is 26 or 28 inches. But if your draw length is lower than 26″, you better use a smaller longbow.

Other Things To Know

Longbow doesn’t sound quite fun but probably the best challenging way of hunting. If you want the best result from Bear Montana Longbow, 40 lbs. Draw weight and more than 400-grain arrows are the first recommendations. It doesn’t make any additional sound, so great for hunting silently.

You can also use a bear montana longbow quiver: side quiver, back quiver, hunting side quiver, and whisker string silencer or puff silencer to hunt like a professional.

  • The brown and white combination makes it attractive.
  • Swift and soundless
  • Varieties of draw weight for both right- and left-hand shooters.
  • Appropriate for practice and professional hunting.
  • Not a perfect option for entry-level shooters.
  • Quite expensive


Bear Montana Vs Bear Grizzly

Feature Bear Montana Bear Grizzly
Draw Weights Available for both RH and LH.
35lb RH only, 40lb RH only, 45lb, 50lb, 55lb, 60lb RH only
Available for both RH and LH.
RH: 30lb, 35lb, 40lb, 50lb, 55lb, 60lb.
LH: 35lb, 40lb, 45lb, 50lb, 55lb.
Riser Black or Brown hard rock maple riser. Brown hard rock maple riser.

Arrow Rest shoot off the shelf arrow rest Bear hair arrow rest

String Dynaflight 97 Flemish Twist string Dacron String


  • Is a longbow good for beginners?

Longbows need some special skills but for the beginner, the longbow doesn’t seem good all the time. Yeah, longbows ensure accuracy. As the body of a longbow is much thicker and limbs don’t get twisted which ultimately ensures a straighter shoot toward the target. But Bear Montana Long is not suitable for beginners.

  • What is the ideal Draw Weight for hunting deer?

In between 45lbs to 60 lbs. almost every draw weight is suitable for hunting deer. You’ll get different draw weights between 30 to 60 pounds in Bear Montana Longbow. As the draw weight is permanent in the longbow, you can’t replace it. So, purchase carefully.

Final Thought

Bear Montana Longbow is the perfect combination of modern archery and traditional woodwork. Also, it is suitable for both practice and hunting. As it releases arrows smoothly, very low vibration occurs. So Montana Longbow is a wise choice for purchasing.

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