Are Jute Rugs Soft? Secrets That You Don’t Know

The jute area rug is a natural fiber rug that is growing in popularity rapidly. It comes from natural neutral shades so it goes with most color schemes and home decor styles. The jute rug is sustainable and biodegradable because it is made of eco-friendly natural fiber. On the other hand, many people are don’t even know are jute rugs soft or not?

It is perfect for modern, farmhouse, and minimalist decor because of its style and softness. It is not just attractive, it is environmentally friendly too.

What Is Jute

From the stalks of jute, plants are made jute. Bangladesh and India are two countries from which the jute chorus grows. It is a tall and spindly flowery plant. It is a natural fiber. The jute is also known as golden fiber. For growing, only takes 120 days.

What Is Jute

Jute fibers combine with wool, cotton, or chenille. It makes the rugs feel even softer. Here you can see how to look before it’s woven:

Why We Use A Jute Rug 

The huge profit of jute rugs for a naturalist. It is used in transporting vegetables in biodegradable and natural fiber. It starts to break down and rot if it contacts water or other elements. It’s a crop which is doesn’t need any pesticides or fertilizers.

That means having a jute rug reduces chemicals in the environment. It is pretty soft because of its natural fiber. As a result, you can let pets kids, and pets play on it. Jute is not like other natural fibers, it is used without a scratch on the hardwood floor.

It says for very little maintenance. It hides the dirt on its surface because of its earthy texture. If you want to clean your jute carpet then you can do the vacuuming or shaking. You need to remove the beater bar suction for vacuuming or you can use a brush attachment that can do the job well. Besides, the jute rug is soft enough.

A Jute Rug Feels Like

If jute rugs are woven in a good way then you can feel good. It depends on how it is woven. Obviously, it can be soft for a bedroom if it is woven with a soft fiber like a chenille. Wool rugs have more plush cushions, but they don’t have any plush cushions. Even then they are very soft.

The Difference Between Sisal Rugs And Jute Rugs

Jute and sisal rugs are both natural and organic products. They look the same. But believe me, they are truly different in softness, durability, texture, and price. The jute and sisal are both natural fiber rugs. Typically sisal is grown in arid climates.

Mexico, Central, and South America, and eastern Africa’s weather are suitable for sisal growing. It is made from dried agave leaves. As a result, sisal gives highly durable performance.

On the other hand, Jute comes from Asia. In monsoon climates, Bangladesh and India grow it. Jute rugs are attractive for their softness. Besides, it is chunky and comfy. You can use jute where you walk less like in bedrooms, family rooms, and dining rooms.

And sisal can use in high-traffic areas like entryways, halls, etc because durability is more important than comfort.

Which Is Expensive Sisal Or Jute?

Typically, all things are the same, sisal is usually more expensive than jute. Besides, it is more durable than jute. But if you like to take your shoes off while you are home in this case jute is more practical.

Why Do You Love Jute Rugs

These things are awesome in low-traffic areas. If you passed 5 years with them, they look the same as new. They don’t show any wear or tear and almost absorb dirt and stain. These rugs are good because of their low maintenance, ease to clean, look their color and pattern, pricing, and feel almost good for an active home.

Are Jute Rugs Soft

It is one of the most common questions. yes, the jute rug is soft and comfortable. You can’t believe how soft it is!

Are Jute Rugs Waterproof?

No, neither jute rug is waterproof. It does tend to absorb moisture(which is fine), so over time, its shape may slightly differ. Because it is not waterproof, so avoid it in areas prone to water like kitchens and bathrooms.

The Pros And Cons Of A Jute Rug

The Pros Of Jute Rug

  • Jute grows quickly and abundantly. It takes just 5-6 months to reach full maturity. Its softness makes it attractive to people. It is so soft that if you have kids or pets they can easily play on it. So no doubt that it is really good for an active home. Besides, it looks to make it more charming for a house.

The Cons Of Jute Rug

  • There are a lot of good things in jute rug but it has some demerits too.
  • The jute rug is not for high traffic areas, it’s for low traffic areas. Because its durability is very less. Besides, it is really hard to wash. Some people don’t like to use it. They think durability is more important than softness.

What I Think About Jute Rugs

I am 100% recommended you use it in your home. Because 90% of people love it for its softness. It is really charming and comfortable. Believe me, if you buy it one time, the next time you cannot ignore it.

If you jute rug on your home for its charming look your mind will be fresh. It makes it easy to work into your home decor. So I think every family should use it at least once a time in life.

In this article, I have described to you in detail everything with all jute rugs-related questions. If you read full of my article. Maybe now it is clear whether are jute rugs soft or not, why jute rug is important at home, you should buy it or not. Now your turn.

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