Almazan Knife Review In 2023

Are you using an old knife for chopping vegetables, and meats in your kitchen? Then you should give a try on Almazan knife, the original Almazan hand-forged knife. This unique knife might be the knife you need. This is a handmade knife from Almazan, Spain.

Here you’ll find a complete review on Original Almazan Hand Forged Kitchen Chef Knife. I’ll try to show you the basic features in a quick time. We’ll discuss the entire knife. Before wrapping up, I would like to answer some common questions about the almazan kitchen knife. Let’s get started with the Almazan knife review.

Almazan Knife Review

Almazan Knife Review


Quick Feature

  • Two styles. Bushcraft style and the chef style.
  • Bushcraft style is suitable for wildness, chopping, etc.
  • Chef style is suitable for slicing and dicing.
  • High carbon blade steel and completely hand-forged.
  • Parkwood handle

The knife is a high quality built and has a reasonable price. The knife is forged, and a completely handmade product. That’s why you don’t have to get tensed about its premium quality and performance. Here you’ll know about every detail of the Almazan kitchen knife.


Blade Material – High carbon steel
Blade Hardness – 58-60 HRC
Blade Thickness – 5/32″ (Bushcraft style) and 3/32″ chef-style
Handle Material – Pakawood
Size – 12 inches
Sheath Type – Original Leather.
Dimension – 13.98 x 10.35 x 1.69 inches

  • Suitable for both cleaving and slicing.
  • The stabilized Pakawood handle feels comfortable.
  • Sharp edge.
  • A Money-back guarantee is available for 60 days.
  • Heavy in weight.


Buying Guide Of Almazan Knife



Making Materials

Most of the cutlery is made knife with stainless steel. They are thinner and comparatively lighter. Also, they are corrosion-free. Even then, a stainless-steel knife has deficiencies. These knives are not strong and premium as plain high carbon steel.

Almazan knife has invented from the older tradition of knife forging. Firstly, they forge and ground the blade by hand. Also, they treat the blade using traditional Master Smithing techniques. The first thing you may notice after unboxing the knife is that this forged knife has pits, divots, hammer marks, and bins. That means the knife is not manufactured. You can easily tell that; the knife is not made in some factory in china. It is a handmade knife thick carbon steel knife.


You’ve already known that the Almazan knife is manufactured in Spain. But this, not a unique design. The style is from the Serbian chef‘s knife. Usually, the blade is suitable for slicing and chopping meat, vegetables, etc. But you can do more substantial work. The thick blade has a very sharp edge.

Pakawood Handle

Now come to handle. The handle is made from pakawood.  Because it is quite evident that the wood handle has to undergo the sweating of your palm, water while cleaning the knife. Softwood would easily be spoiled in wet conditions, which is not desirable. They stabilize the pakawood. The wood is compressed under high pressure to make a dense and lasting material. The compressed pakawood helps to keep moisture out.

After Receiving Treatment

The Almazan knife needs protection against rust. That’s why the manufacturer sends the package after taking some safety. In the container, there is a chance of sweating the blade. That can be costly after some days when the rust will cover the entire knife. That’s Almazan knife has come with covering in a light oil coating. This is to preserve the metal in transit.

That’s why before using the knife for the first time, wash it with soap and water. Then dry it correctly.

After Use Care

Carbon steel is not rust-free steel. So, you have to maintain after using caution. Clean the knife as quickly as possible after using it and then wipe it with a dry towel. Also, after drying, you can use little vegetable oil on the knife. But never forget to dry it after use.

Both cast iron and carbon steel need care. They both create bonding with rust. Therefore, If you allow wet carbon steel to come in contact with oxygen a few times, the steel will create oxidation over time. So, you have two ways to prevent oxidation. One is to keep dry the blade, and the other implies to use vegetable oil on the blade. The oil will make a barrier between the air and the metal.

Besides, are you a new user of a carbon steel knife? If you are a newbie, you should need to know a thing. Carbon steel knives have specific characteristics. They have a coordination period where the blade will go through transformations to form a patina. You have to maintain a certain cleaning and storage routine. Don’t get panicked, seeing any sweating of the blade. The newly forged rust lightly, you should clean it with a scrub pad and soap. After the initial sweating, the blade will stabilize.

Leather Sheath

The manufacturer provides a leather sheath with the blade. The sheath is ordinally leather made. If you inhale the smell, you would understand it smells like pure lather shop. It is not a cheap leather like they put in car seats. There is a tassel at the end of the sheath for decoration. Also, it has a belt loop. So, you can put it around your belt and walk around like a champion.


  • Does damasks knife work well

Damasks blade is heavier than the carbon steel blade. That’s why they should be suitable for chopping, and they are heavy-duty knives. Yes, they work great like a carbon steel blade.

  • What does the Serbian Chef knife mean?

It means a particular shape of knife that the Serbian chefs used. The Almazan Knives are called the Serbian chef knife. They are quite similar.

  • Why is Almazan Kitchen channel on YouTube claiming a price of around $400?

It is completely transparent that the kitchen channel is making a false statement. They are claiming the Almazan knife kitchen use is theirs. They are claiming the knife is their design. They have a kitchen channel where they teach cuisine, so people fall into persuasion easily.

Final Words

Over the year, China’s factories are producing cleaver and knife at a low price. The other Almazan companies but them at $ and then trimmed them and shaped them like this Almazan knives. Those knife’s sharpness is not long-lasting, and you have to cut the edge for sharpness continually.

Its because their knife is not hand-forged and hardened like an original Almazan knife. That’s why you should be aware of before purchasing the original carbon steel Almazan knife form Spain.

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