Toys For Babies 6 12 Months : What should you look for in baby’s toys?

Parents always want to keep their baby busy with the play. At the age of babies between 6 to 12 months searching and interacting with people. They try to keep themselves busy with their surroundings. For a healthy growth and learning process, at that time your baby has to busy playing. That is why parents should worry about baby toys for 6 months to 1 year. If parents do not offer toys to their baby, the toddler will play itself. It is not harmful, but the mental development of your baby will take place gradually. That’s why, for the faster healthy progress of the intellect, toys have a significant factor.

Toys For Babies 6 12 Months

Here, you’ll find a recommendation toys for babies 6 12 months and their supportive role. Which may you help to understand how fast can your baby adapt or if the baby acts as a healthy baby. I will answer later the common questions of people of the writings.

What should you look for in baby’s toys?

Now you understand the importance of a baby’s toy. Here comes the question of how many toys you need to buy? There is no exact number of toys matter here. You have to search is the versatility, skill development ability, and how proactive the toy.

Multipurpose activity: It means how long the toy will entertain your baby. The toys can keep a baby busy until the toddler and preschool period. Toys can cheer for a short period. If you have over one baby, you will understand it because you know what toys your first baby played for a longer time.

Skill development Ability: Every toy should help to develop a particular skill of a baby. Some toys develop a baby’s motor skill, while others are more proactive in developing human sensory into a baby. Ensure that toys have different targeted abilities.

Functionality: Try to buy different sizes of toys. It is better to make a playroom for your baby. Where you can keep permanent toys and portable toys. Size doesn’t matter for your baby; the matter is how skill stuffed the toys can be.

The specialty of various toys

So far, you have understood how to find the best baby toys 12 months. Let’s go through some toy types popular for proactively.

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Harmonious Toys: Baby to toddler, everybody loves to clink their toys. You may notice beautiful sound makes a baby delighted. So that, we can come to a solution of babies’ love, prefer cause, and effect musical instruments, which cause a sound experience. Therefore, try to buy toys, which generate the sound of simple handshaking, touching a switch, or anything simpler.

Manipulative Toys: 6 to 12 months babies prefer taking the toys apart and attachment. Dumping and filling toys is a regular activity of a baby. They love to apart soft toys and piece together them, which is Velcro type. These are the toys that help babies to improve problem-solving ability and excellent motor control.

Toys for crawling: Crawling is the best hobby for babies. They crawl on the mat floor everywhere they can. So if you need for the comfort and development of your baby, buy a tunnel toy or anything where the baby can crawl happily.

Blocks: If you search for 6 months old Amazon, you will get a massive amount of search results are on blocks. Blocks are suitable for babies 6 months to 1 year. A toddler learns to stack and fall over blocks. That is a perfect lesson for a baby. Try to avoid sharp edge blocks as they can be rough for your baby. Soft and rubber blocks are considerable

Wagons: For attending any picnic or for a family walk, wagons are the perfect alternative to a stroller. Wagons offer seatbelt and cup holders for keeping snacks & beverages.

Instrumental toys for walking: When your babies grow up a bit to 10 months, they’ll try to pull themselves up to a standing position by holding the edge of a coffee table or couch. Walking toys are durable and have a long-term effect on the baby. For this reason, good quality toys should be in your first choice.

Board Books: Babies like to keep pages of books in their mouths. Here, slender pages can get ruined the books. Thicker page of the board book is the perfect choice for the baby.

Toys for Bath: Babies want to see floating toys, foam, or anything floating on the tub water. Toys in the bathtub can make their bath enjoyable and playful.

Balls: The most inspiring toy for a baby which teaches him to crawl and walk. Babies love to chase and press the softball often. Often you will see they are crawling towards their ball.


What is the best toy for a 6-month-old baby?

Many toys have many functions. What toy would be the best it’s up to your baby’s choice. Generally, softball, blocks, musical instruments are the best for 6 months old baby.

What kind of toys should a 6-month-old play with?

6-month-old babies should play the Toys that offer fine motor skill, sensory skill, gross motor skill, cognitive skill, language development skill, tactile sensory skill, visual stimulation, and auditory.

What makes a toy Montessori?

If you are looking for Montessori toys for 6 months old, then you should search for the toy that creates natural interests in babies. The toys educating babies naturally are Montessori.

Final Note

Now the time comes for making a decision. All of these toys have significant functions. Your first choice should be made your baby happy. After that, for the baby’s development, you have to choose both entertaining and educational toys. To keep the baby busy in something is the best option. That’s why toys have so much importance.

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