Recovery Strap Vs Tow Strap: Which One To Use And When?

If a person lives in an area where roads are not well developed, then the Recovery Straps and towing straps can be the equipment he would need. Both of the straps are essential equipment depending on the situation he is facing. Though they look alike, their materials and functions are quite different from each other. However, most people don’t know their differences and end up using them in wrong situations. As a result, the problem might get worse instead of getting sorted. 

That’s why this article has discussed Recovery Strap Vs Tow Straps to prepare you to use the right equipment in the right place. Let’s jump into the main piece that will answer all of the inquiries. Shall we?

A Complete Guide On Recovery Strap Vs Tow Strap!

This segment will describe two straps separately and their advantages, which will help users to differentiate between them. Stay tuned with us to save your vehicle from tough and nasty situations.

Recovery Strap

Recovery Straps



From the name ‘Recovery Strap’ it’s easier to guess that these straps are mainly used in Recovery functions. In our regular life, there are many times when cars get stuck in holes or muddy banks. In these nasty situations, recovery straps are the only knight to save the vehicle. 

While trying to recover the vehicle, the straps fall under a lot of pressure and stress. However, recovery straps are highly flexible and capable of handling high tensions. Also, they don’t have any metal or hook on their end; instead, they have fabric loops which won’t damage the vehicle during recovery. 

One must be aware that the strap they are using should be in good condition. If the belt is fragile or worn out, it most likely will break. Though the strap can perform well in warm and cold weather, extreme temperatures( more than 194°F) might damage it.

Some might think of using chains instead. However, it is not a good choice, because – 
Firstly they are heavier than recovery straps.
Chains are not flexible enough and might damage the vehicle instead.


Usually, nylon fabrics form the Recovery Straps because of their superior flexibility. The stretchiness of the straps is mainly responsible for storing kinetic energy to assist with the vehicle’s extraction. However, this flexibility is not only for reducing the chances of damage but also to accelerate the process.

Benefits Of Recovery Strap:

  • Highly flexible and stretchy.
  • The strap won’t break easily.
  • It won’t inflict any damage on the vehicle.
  • Performs well in both recovering and towing.

There are tons of brands that offer Recovery Straps to rescue the vehicle from tough situations. To assist you a little, we would suggest trying a Rhino recovery strap. It is one of the best recovery Straps available in the market. A mixture of polyester and silk forms the overall rope which doesn’t contain any metal hook. However, this Rhino recovery strap is good for towing as well as recovering.


Tow Strap

Tow Strap


Some people have to drive a lot and face undesirable situations like – worn-out engine/battery. Here, towing straps become the savior if he finds a fellow who will tow his vehicle.

As per the name says, towing straps are excellent in towing two vehicles together. A user can easily differentiate them from recovery straps, as they are less stretchy. Because of the same nature, these straps are perfect for controlling cards on roads.

Functionally, two straps and chains are almost the same because none of them is much stretchy. Now you might wonder about purchasing a strap or a chain for towing. Well, obviously tow strap is a better option because –

  • They are lightweight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Slightly stretchy. 

Actually, these factors make the strap – stiffer, strong, and much more capable with excellent scrap resistance. Thus, in the case of Tow Strap Vs Chain, the strap wins indeed.


Usually, they have metal hooks on both ends and are made of less flexible polyester. Also, these hooks might damage the vehicle while facing high tensions during recovery. The rope might break as well. That’s why using towing straps during recovery is totally prohibited.


  • Quite cheap.
  • Performs best in towing.


Overall Comparison In Between Recovery Strap And Tow Strap: 

While thinking of “Recovery Strap Vs Two Strap” flexibility is the major point that we consider.
Some people think of using tow straps during recovery. We would suggest not to try that if you don’t want to make the situation worse. In this particular case, using a Tow strap might hurt surrounding people by flying off during high pressure.

Check the box below to get the overall idea –

Recovery Strap
  • Highly flexible.
  • Stretchy nylon design.
  • Best for recovery purposes.
  • During an emergency, a user can try this strap for towing.
  • High capability for handling pressure. Vulnerable to high pressure.
Tow Strap
  • Relatively less flexible.
  • Non-stretchy polyester design.
  • A user shouldn’t use it for recovering.
  • Best equipment for towing vehicles.
  • Vulnerable to high pressure.



  •  Can You Tow With A Recovery Strap?

Yes, a user can tow vehicles by using a recovery strap. Likewise, recovery straps are more stretchy, so controlling the car might be a little hard on roads. In these situations, wisely choose a Tow Strap instead.

  • How Do You Use A Recovery Strap?

Using a recovery strap is quite easy. At first, the user needs to attach the strap to the car’s back, executing recovery. Connect the other end to the front of the vehicle that is stuck. Once the ends are attached to the cars, the first can move to free the stuck one.

  • How long should A recovery strap be? 

Every one inch of recovery strap attains around 10,000 lbs of power. We would suggest purchasing a belt that can hold three times more weight than the vehicle.

Final Verdict

Recovery straps and Tow straps both are equally important as per their function. In this article, we have thoroughly highlighted Recovery Strap Vs Tow Strap. After reading this far, it is clear that – we would suggest using the right strap in their specific situations. Of course, that would be a clever decision as you will extract the perfect results. However, during an emergency, a user can use a recovery strap for towing but never use a towing strap for recovering. In this case, you can try the best recovery Strap – Rhino recovery strap which performs impressively as a towing strap too.


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