Top 5 Black and Decker Rice Cooker (Review) In 2021

Black and Decker Rice Cooker

Ask any chef, and you will get the most common answer- cooking rice properly with optimum taste is the toughest of jobs. Thankfully, one distinctive Japanese invention in 1955 changed the scenario, especially for homemakers with great positivity. Yes, I am talking about our day to day necessity- a neatly crafted rice cooker.

Black and Decker, being known for user-friendly home appliances, has brought us an array of rice cookers all popular in the market. I, along with my expert team of chefs, have tasted, identified the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular Black and Decker rice cooker review.

And, with a high level of confidence to aid you in regularly cooking the best rice, I now present you the review of five Black and Decker rice cookers that you would love to have.

The 5 Black and Decker Rice Cooker Review 2021

Cooking rice and steaming healthy vegetables was never as easy as with the Black and Decker RC505 rice cooker. It enables chefs to cook various food items in one appliance only from dumplings to serving your favorite soup.

The rice cooker effectively supports six cups of cooked and 3 cups of uncooked rice. So, you can get flappy rice boiled perfect, using this cooker. It comes along an automated technology of keeping the rice warm and ready to serve after the rice is cooked. It saves your valuable time and energy.

Moreover, the cooker serves significantly so that your rice or cooking stuff doesn’t stick on the pan. It does so by using advanced non-sticky technology. You can easily remove and wash the non-stick bowl in dishwashing soap.

It also feeds you with a steaming basket. You may use the basket to prepare multiple meals of fish, vegetables, and meat. Thus, it is a must-have appliance supported by the LED indicator.


  • Supports 6 cups of cooked rice
  • Comes with tempered glass and steam vent
  • Excellent in serving small to large meals
  • You can clean it in the dishwater
  • Lightweight
  • Keeps rice warm for serving
  • Plastic body
  • The metal liner isn’t coated with Teflon.

Tips: I recommend you to use the plastic spoon during servings to avoid any scratches on the interior body.

Are you searching for a rice cooker that can prepare large meals for a family get together or dinner party? Black and Decker present you with their 28-cup cooked rice supported RC5280 model.

It features a removable and non-sticky bowl capable of holding large meals such as rice, vegetables, or even fishes for a substantial lunch or dinner. With this cooker, now one can prepare rice, soup, pasta, and even oatmeal. Ah, delicious!

The ‘keep warm’ feature keeps rice hot a ready to serve automatically after completing the cooking. So, you won’t need to warm the rice again. Switch on the cooker and wait until it serves you with flappy grains of perfectly cooked rice.

The cooker includes a removable bowl, LID panel, and steaming basket that can be cleaned in dishwater. Surprisingly, it weighs only 7.2 pounds despite being a family size cooker. The marker inside will enable you to measure the amount of rice and water so that it doesn’t surpass the danger level.


  • Approximately 13.5 x 12 x 10 inches.
  • Standard plastic bodies.
  • LED indicator
  • Large capacity
  • Removable bowl and steaming basket
  • Easy cleaning
  • Budget-friendly
  • Larger holes disallowing strainers

Tips: It would be better if you don’t mess up with the inside metal ring. Otherwise, you may get a shock.

I have seen many people, particularly students living in dorms who look for a budget-friendly rice cooker for quick and easy meal preparation. If you are one of them, let me take the onus to introduce you with the latest Black and decker 6 cups rice cooker. It serves you perfectly cooked rice without any hassle.

It can hold six cups of cooked rice, which is sufficient for 2-3 people. Therefore, it is an excellent home appliance for single people. What’s more, it comes along a removable pot. It is coated with a non-stick surface. Giving the price range it offers, there’s nothing harm with such coated non-sticky top.

It is aimed to serve you with essential rice cooking feature, so, doesn’t come along with extensive facilities. Then again, the white surface with a greyish accent looks beautiful. You rest assured to get flappy and fresh rice, thanks to the cooker’s ‘keep warm technology.


  • It measures only 15 x 8.8 x 8.8 which is a great advantage
  • It includes a measuring cup as well as scoop
  • The LID glass is tempered
  • Cheap
  • Easy cleanup
  • Removable bowl
  • The manufacturer didn’t mention the building material

Tips: Our team of experts suggests you use the model for cooking rice only without experimenting too much to steam vegetables and fishes.

Protector Silex has finally come out with their most versatile rice cooker of all time. It is not only a simple rice cooker but also a fully equipped steamer for preparing different meals all at once. With its hi-tech features, you won’t have to look around from time to time to see whether or nor the rice is prepared.

Put the rice in the pot, turn on the switch, and let the cooker take over the rest of the process on its own. Once the meal is ready, it will automatically turn off the heating and switch on the ‘keep warm’ feature so that you can serve the meal anytime.

What’s more, you can simultaneously prepare two different meals with the cooker. While the rice is cooked in the bowl, the steaming basket will allow you to prepare your side dishes for dinner or lunch. Thus, running short of time will never be an issue with it.


  • Simultaneous cooking
  • Can cook cereals and grains
  • Build with standard plastic body
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Easy cleaning
  • Lightweight
  • Normal non-sticky coating without Teflon

Tips: Always put it in a secure place away from gas burners. Also, never put it in a heated oven. It may ruin the product and create unexpected havoc for you.

If you find it hard to manage time to prepare your meal amid a busy schedule, this Hamilton Beach rice cooker is your ultimate solution. With the cooker and steamer, you won’t need to worry about boiling water, adjusting the temperature, and re-checking.

Once you put the rice in the cooker, it will get everything done for you to serve you perfectly cooked flappy rice grains. Moreover, as the rice is cooked below, the upper portion holds the steamer bucket to allow you to steam your vegetables and other side dishes.

The steamer can be sued to rinse the rice. Additionally, the non-sticky bowl is easy to clean and remove. You can also remove the LID indicator for a total cleanup. The outlook is excellent with a black matte finish.

Since the cooker doesn’t require any timer setup, it allows you to prepare you with other dishes, an excellent time-saving alternative.


  • Capable of holding 16 cups of cooked rice
  • Perfect cooking with auto warm on technology
  • Weighs 6 pounds only
  • The warm switch turns on automatically
  • Cooks everything near perfectly
  • Includes all necessary equipment
  • Putting more water will result in a sticky rice
  • Plastic body

Tips: If you love to eat famous non-sticky Spanish rice, put less water on the bowl. Also, don’t place it near the gas burner to avoid accidents.


Preparing a meal and cooking flappy rice- most homemakers cherish it deep in their hearts. Meanwhile, the students and working people both loves making their meals in the shortest possible time. A rice cooker comes excellently handy in such cases.

The inclusion of the five rice cookers in this review will enable you to judge their different features along with their utility, budget-friendliness, and user interference, all helping you to decide the best one for your job.

The review has covered all their possible outcomes so that you don’t regret after buying. Our professional team understands the sheer importance of having an efficient rice cooker, and so we didn’t compromise in, highlighting even the drawbacks.  

Thus, we hope that you will be significantly benefitted with our thoughtful judgments on these rice cookers and steamers.


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