Top 5 Black and Decker Mini Fridge (Review) In 2021

Since the morning till the late night- healthy breakfast, quick lunch, and delicious dinner, everything circles around a refrigerator. That quite evidently sums up the effectiveness and importance of buying the most appropriate fridge for your home.

But how do you decide which refrigerator is best for you? You will need to consider- the configuration, functionality, budget, and what not? Thankfully, black and decker mini-fridges meet up all these cherished qualities.

Thus, we researched until we found the best five Black and Decker fridges suitable for your home use matching up all your dream quality- all in one.

The Best 5 Mini-Fridges: A Review Of Black And Decker Mini Fridge

Black and Decker are famous worldwide for converting your home into your dream heaven with their variety of home appliances. Their top-notch fridges are of no exception. Here’s our pick of their best mini-fridges in 2019.

Image Product Name Price
Untitled-1 BLACK+DECKER BCRK17B Single Door Mini Fridge Check Price
BlackDecker-Bcrk25v-Single Black+Decker Bcrk25v Single Door Mini Fridge Check Price
Untitled-1 BLACK+DECKER BCRK32V Single Door Mini Fridge Check Price
Untitled-1 BLACK+DECKER Single Door Fridge with Freezer Check Price
RCA-IGLOO-Mini-Refrigerator RCA RFR321-FR320/8 IGLOO Mini Refrigerator Check Price

1. BLACK+DECKER BCRK17B Single Door Mini Fridge

Key Features

  • The freezer compartment is entirely width with a door shelf half-width.
  • A dedicated built-in freezer portion
  • 6 cubic meter of space nearly storing everything

If you are someone who is going to your college and starts living in a dormitory, this Black and Decker com-pact refrigerator with 1.6 cubic feet of space and built-in footprints for easy maneuvering. The small and firm footprints will enable you to place it anywhere you want- on a floor, desk, or even counter.

The tailored design enables the user to fit in additional food and beverage item inside the door. What’s interesting that the fridge comes along a removable shelf. You can either remove or adjust it according to your necessity to create space for your favorite food items.

Furthermore, Black and Decker have provided a freezer, although small in size, great for keeping your ‘ready for eating’ meals safe to meet up your craving any moment. The leveling feet and adjustable thermostat give the refrigerator its ultimate weapon- versatility.

It features a flat design that is supported by a reversible door perfect for saving your premium space. Energy Star has certified it so you won’t have to bother about the electricity bill anymore.

Tips: If you are using it for the 1st time or after a while, wait for a few hours to let it operate and function adequately.


  • Manual defrosting technology
  • Tiny footprints
  • Leveling legs are adjustable
  • The glass shelf is full width


  • May create a slight buzzing sound
  • Takes time to make ice

2. Black+Decker Bcrk25v Single Door Mini Fridge

Key Features

  • It allows you to store ice cube in the tray.
  • Fully width open door
  • Can store 1 liter and tall bottles
  • You can save five cans with weight, not more than 5 ounces each.

We know many people filling up their room space with unnecessary things and then bit around the bush for additional space to store their food and beverages in a freezer. What happens is that they fail tremendously. Bad luck!

Luckily, the 2.5 cubics Black and Decker refrigerator with a tiny footprint and compact design fits in the smallest of space-perfectly. The fridge supports a carved door and sufficient indoor capable of storing all your favorite and ‘ready to cook’ frozen food items.

The interior also supports removable and re-adjustable shelves. So, it allows you to remodel the interior according to your necessity anytime. The inside part of the door is crafted technically to support additional storage capacity.

The 2.5 cubic space is more than enough for one or even two persons to store their leftovers, favorite menus, and stock some items for the future also. What’s more, the refrigerator supports reversible doors, which is excellent for such small footprinted freezers. Now you can move it anywhere without having much trouble.

Tips: Don’t try to fit in more than five cans since it comes along with a small space only. Cleverly reconfigure the internal shelves to accommodate more items.


  • Reversible door
  • Fits in anywhere perfectly
  • Great for storing ready to cook a meal


  • The black one costs higher than the gray one
  • Quick delivery and installation process

3. BLACK+DECKER BCRK32V Single Door Mini Fridge

Key Features

  • Adjustable shelves allow storing daily groceries.
  • The back of the refrigerator is flat, enabling you to fit in the smallest of space.
  • Organizable interior
  • Tailored inside for additional storing

Bored of going to the market every day to but the daily groceries? Need space for storing your favorite beverage cans within a small refrigerator? The compact design of Black and Decker BCEK32V meets all these criteria successfully.

The indoor shelves can be remodeled according to your liking and requirement. You need not go to a professional for such, remove and adjust the racks to get your desired storage space. Thankfully the 3.2 cubic liter space allows you to storage groceries, beverages, and ready meals all in a refrigerator- placed in a tiny area of your room.

 It supports three fully open shelves that will enable you to store some extra items such as -a whole pack of fresh milk or even a can of your loved apple juice. How nice! The ice tray will allow you to make ice cubes. Although not substantial, it will come handy for daily use.  

Tips: If you feel necessary, install a mini LED light inside. An intelligent rearrangement of the built0in shelves will fit in more items inside.


  • Suitable for studio apartment
  • Convenient maneuverability
  • Eye-catchy design


  • Issues with being cold enough to make ice creams.
  • Doesn’t contain an inside light

4. BLACK+DECKER Single Door Fridge with Freezer

Key Features

  • Supports a fully functioning freezer that has an ice-cube tray
  • The built-in compartment keeps vegetable and fruits fresh
  • The inside of the refrigerator door is customized for supporting extra storage
  • The interior is customizable according to your liking

Hola! At last Black and Decker came up with a perfect sized mini-refrigerator. The 4.3 cubic feet storage is quite efficient to keep yo0ur fruits, vegetables, and beverages in good condition. The compartment successfully preserves moistures so that the vegetables and fruits remain fresh and crisp.

Despite being a 4.3 cubic feet refrigerator, it weighs only 52 pounds allowing you to maneuver it comfortably. The three shelves (one full width and two half-widths) successfully hold the tall bottle and six beverage cans.

The freezer effectively keeps your ‘ready to cook’ meal fresh that helps you to meet your food craving anytime. Furthermore, the flat design supported with reversible door allows it to fit in everywhere.

Tips: We recommend you to read the user manual carefully. As you set up the freezer, put the thermostat right at 7 for the first 20-25 minutes.


  • Removable shelves
  • Extremely quiet
  • Value for money


  • Sometimes takes longer time to make ice cubes
  • Some mention the appearance look cheap

5. RCA RFR321-FR320/8 IGLOO Mini Refrigerator

Key Features

  • A contemporary design to match every decoration.
  • The interior design successfully counts every inch.
  • The racks are adjustable.

If you are a fan of contemporary style and yet, want a refrigerator technology of cutting-edge, your only option is this RCA RFR321-FR320 mini-refrigerator. The sleek design will allow the fridge to suit in most home decors. Furthermore, the refrigerator is ecofriendly. So, it keeps your food stored in a cold environment without harming the ecology anymore.

The refrigerator has 3.2 cubic feet of interior space, and the smart design will allow users to take benefit of every inch inside. Two interior racks are easily adjustable to best fir your various storage needs.

The beverage holders and shelves are equally good at providing extra storage. The door is reversible, while the thermostat keeps the temperature at the optimum level to keep your food fresh always.

Tips: The refrigerator embodies that the cheapest things are not always the worst things. It has a premium feel and continues to run for years. 


  • Eco-friendly operation.
  • Reversible door with Platinum quality.
  • Cost affordable
  • Accurate thermostat


  • A bit noisy


People who live in small spaces or like to have a refrigerator at their office room, a mini-fridge such as the Black and Decker’s, are undoubtedly a dreamy home appliance. Considering their price range, these refrigerators often surpass the expectation level.

The review was articulated to introduce you with the most liked and useful features along with the flaws of the five refrigerators. Surprisingly, as I wrap up here, I’m in a fix to recommend you, one particular model.

Thus, I pass the ball on your court and wish you a bright day- starting with a sip of orange juice preserved fresh in the Black and Decker refrigerator.

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