Best Ride-on Toys for 1-Year-Old Reviews

Ever since your baby reaches the milestone of completing a year on this planet, he starts finding crawling boring and tries to stand up. Keeping the child entertained gets tougher during this stage. He looks for exciting toys that can keep him engaged.

And the best type of toys that they love are ride-on toys. These toys not only keep them entertained but also help them to learn to balance. To help you decide what ride-on toys will be the best suited for them, we have listed down the seven best ride on toys for one-year-old babies.

These carefully selected toys will help provide your child with a safe way to play and contribute towards their healthy development. So keep reading to find out more!

7 Best Ride-on Toys for 1-Year-Old

Image Product Name Price
Radio Flyer Scoot 2 Pedal Radio Flyer Scoot 2 Pedal
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Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Stride-to-Ride Puppy Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Stride-to-Ride Puppy
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Untitled-1 Little Tikes Princess Horse & Carriage, Multicolor
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Untitled-1 Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug, Mouse, Small
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Untitled-1 Inpany Bouncy Horse Hopper- Brown Inflatable Jumping Horse
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Untitled-1 Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary Ca
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Untitled-1 Little People Fisher-Price Music Parade Ride-On
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We won’t keep you waiting any longer. So scroll down below to find out our detailed evaluation of our top 7 picks:

1. Radio Flyer Scoot 2 Pedal

Best Ride-on Toys for 1-Year-Old Reviews 1

If you are looking for a ride on toy that will help your child reach new development milestones, then our first pick is highly suitable for you. This Radio Flyer Scoot 2 Pedal helps your child learn how to scoot safely and comfortably by accommodating him with a contoured seat.

As the child grows and slowly becomes ready to pedal, you will be able to extend out its EZ flip-out pedals. This will help the kid learn the critical skill of pedal and improve his motor skills of coordination. Besides, the bike contains extra-wide wheels that keep the ride smooth and stable.

Its seat is structured so that it can provide the kid with ergonomic comfort and ease. And if your child likes to go on adventures carrying his favorite toys with him, he can quickly put them in the storage bin that comes with the scooter. This bin contains a cover that protects the toys from falling off during the ride.

However, make sure that your child is within the age of 1-3 while using this scooter. Any children older than this shouldn’t ride it since its maximum weight capacity is 42lbs. Please pay attention that more than one kid does not try to ride the scooter at a time, as it may cause accidents.


  • Can be used in two ways
  • Helps the child to learn how to pedal
  • kids older than a year old can also use
  • Seat has a contoured and ergonomic shape.
  • Contains a storage bin


  • Children above three cannot ride it.
  • Maximum weight capacity is 42lbs

2. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Stride-to-Ride Puppy

Best Ride-on Toys for 1-Year-Old Reviews 2

If your baby loves music and is quicker to pick up things taught through songs, then this ride-on toy from Fisher-Price is perfect for him. This is a toy specially made for kids to help them learn to balance through music and fun. The child is encouraged every time he strides in something through different tunes.

The puppy bike is equipped with more than 50 songs and different tunes. It also contains phrases that motivate your kid when he is riding the bike. Not only this, the music and phrases include instructions on alphabets, shapes, greetings, and numbers to help your child learn better in a fun way.

The ride-on toy also features different colored lights to enable the child to enjoy himself while riding it. Kids love colors and anything that glows, so this is a perfect combination for him. Moreover, the bike contains a large wheelbase that provides an excellent balance to the child.

To enable the child to learn how to balance himself well, the bike also comes with a sturdy handle. This can act as the first walker for the baby. Besides, to keep the kid engaged, it contains different sets of activities focusing on shape shorting and other fun learning games to induce the child’s healthy development.


  • Puppy scooter contains a moving head, flapping ears, and other moving parts
  • Encourages the child through different songs and music
  • Child can learn alphabets and other essential lessons through the bike
  • Helps the baby to learn how to balance properly
  • Contains different fun activities to help the child learn better


  • A bit expensive
  • Seat is uncomfortable

3. Little Tikes Princess Horse & Carriage, Multicolor

Best Ride-on Toys for 1-Year-Old Reviews 3

If your child loves fairy tales and imagines herself as the princess in it, then our third pick will suit her fantasy the best. This Horse and Carriage ride from Little Tikes embodies the classic carriage design with a toy horse in the front. It thus enables a child to engage in active play.

Moreover, by riding on this toy, the toddler can unlock her imagination and efficiently develop her motor skills. Not only this, it allows parents to pull the reins of the carriage or push it using the roof’s handle. This gives them the chance to navigate the carriage if the toddler still hasn’t developed the skill to do it herself.

The child will also love it if his dad pulls the carriage for him, as it will allow him to engage in play activities with a parent. Besides, the toy contains a floorboard that protects the baby’s feet. The board is removable to allow the toddler to take up the reins herself and drive the carriage.

To further enable the child’s imagination, the toy plays horse clopping sounds as he drives the carriage. Moreover, it contains a driver’s door that can be opened and closed quickly. The carriage can take weights up to 50 lbs. it also includes a parent and child cup holder.


  • Enables the child’s imagination
  • Plays horse galloping sounds to engage the kid further
  • Contains a storage space
  • Parents can also pull the rein
  • Includes a parent console on the roof


  • Parent tray is not deep enough
  • Centre of gravity of the toy is up too high

4. Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug, Mouse, Small

Best Ride-on Toys for 1-Year-Old Reviews 4

The fourth pick on our list is a fun and exciting toy from Prince Lionheart, which comes in the shape of a wheely bug or a mouse. This cute toy can be a great source of joy for your toddler due to its easy riding mechanism. The design is exceptionally colorful, which also attracts kids.

Moreover, the seat included in this toy is exceptionally smooth and comfortable. It is padded, and its corners are blunt to ensure the maximum safety of the child. Besides, its body is made up of durable and high-quality materials that provide its longevity. It is also cushioned on all sides to make it easier for the child to hold it.

To enable the toddler to navigate the toy himself, it contains multidirectional casters along with easy-to-grip handles. As a result, the child can move it themselves and spin it with their legs’ help. Moreover, they simply need to hop on the toy to ride it, and there’s no complicated procedure involved.

However, keep in mind that this ride-on toy is best suited for use on smooth indoor floors. Its height is low enough to make it easier for a child to hop on it independently. Lastly, the toy is also available in other designs, including a ladybug, cow, tiger, bee, and so on.


  • Easy to ride
  • Available in different shapes
  • Contains a comfortable seat
  • Handle is provided for easy navigation
  • Made of durable materials


  • Inconvenient to use outdoors
  • Moves a bit fast

5. Inpany Bouncy Horse Hopper- Brown Inflatable Jumping Horse

Best Ride-on Toys for 1-Year-Old Reviews 5

This cute toy comes in the shape of a pooch dog. This is capable of keeping your kid entertained for hours through its fun bouncy rides. It can be used by any child aged 1 to 5. The toy is completely inflatable, which makes it fluffy and soft. Moreover, it helps your kid develop his balancing skills.

In order to inflate the toy, you won’t require an additional pump as it comes with a hand pump of its own. Thus you will be able to inflate it in no time using this two-way pump. Moreover, the pooch dog contains extra-long ears that will also function as its handles and help your child to grasp on it while enjoying the ride.

The child will be able to improve his balance and motor skills when he holds on to the ears and bounces back and forth. You can also wash the toy from time to time due to its machine washable cover. The cover is made up of microsuede fabric that can be easily cleaned on any washing machine.

However, you should resort to line drying after cleaning the cover-up. And it is recommended that parents always watch their kids while they are riding the toy as bouncing back and forth might topple the kid if he does not know how to balance himself properly.


  • A bouncy toy to entertain kids
  • Improves their motor and balancing skills
  • Inflatable
  • Cover can be washed on a machine
  • Cute design that appeals to kids


  • Contains a slight smell of chemicals when newly opened
  • Requires parental supervision

6. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary Car

Best Ride-on Toys for 1-Year-Old Reviews 6

If your kid loves cars and imitates steering a wheel every time he sees one, he will surely love this toy. This cute car from Little Tikes comes in a colorful and attractive design that is sure to appeal to kids. Moreover, the toy can be controlled by parents whose toddlers still haven’t mastered navigating it on his own.

The toy contains a removable floor along with a handle on its back. Using this handle, parents can control the toy and push it for the child. Moreover, the seat included inside is very comfortable. It is positioned as a high seat to enable the kid to rest his back on it.

Furthermore, the toy contains storage on its back similar to that of a real car to help the kid keep his favorite toys there. In addition, to make the experience more realistic for the toddler, the toy car also features an ignition switch. Pressing this switch, the baby can open and close the gas cap.

The front wheels of the toy can spin 360 degrees. Moreover, its tires are rugged and durable. Once the kid knows how to maneuver the car, you can remove its floor to enable the kid to drive it using foot-to-floor power. Lastly, the toy has a weight limit of 50 pounds.


  • Comes in the shape of a car
  • Contains an ignition switch for further engagement
  • Capable of being controlled by parents
  • Front wheels can spin 360 degrees
  • Floor can be removed


  • Assembling it is difficult
  • Handle is located a bit too low

7. Little People Fisher-Price Music Parade Ride-On

Best Ride-on Toys for 1-Year-Old Reviews 7

The last and 7th pick on our list is a cute toy car from Little People Fisher-Price. This embodies the characteristic of other toys from the same manufacturer by playing fun and jolly music to engage kids in play activities. It can be used by any toddler between the ages of 1 to 3.

This toy is great for developing the motor skills of toddlers. In fact, it comes with five variants of marching tunes, such as engine starting and revving, trumpet, drum set, saxophone, and tuba. Not only this, but you can also compose your own tune using these sounds and play it for the child.

Piano keys are provided with the toy to let the kid create his own tunes and play music on the go. The seat includes a storage space underneath it where your child can store his favorite toys and belongings. Moreover, the toy features attractive graphics and beautiful colors that appeal to children.

In order to ensure stability, the car contains wide wheels. It comes with 3xAA batteries that let it play music relentlessly to help the kid learn better. Last but not least, by riding on this toy, the toddler can improve his balancing skills and also learn how to navigate.


  • Ensures the development of motor skills
  • Cute and colorful design
  • Capable of playing marching tunes
  • Own tune can be composed
  • Storage space below seat


  • Sound is too loud
  • Side of the car contains an empty space where a kid’s foot might get stuck

What to Look for Before You Buy?

Buying toys for kids isn’t an easy task as a parent since it requires close attention to details. If the toy you bought isn’t from a reliable manufacturer and has several defects, it won’t be safe for your baby. Therefore, we have provided a comprehensive buying guide to help you choose for your toddler better:


The first and foremost thing to consider while buying a ride-on toy for a 1-year-old kid is its size. Toddlers who are just a year old aren’t as big as three or even two-year-olds. Therefore, the size of the toy should be such that the child can easily get on and off of it.

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While buying, check if your baby’s feet touch the floor comfortably. If not so, then don’t go for that toy since the kid won’t be able to balance on it. And you should also see if the kid’s knees are below the steering wheel. If his knees come in contact with the wheel constantly, it might cause a bruise and hurt him.

Safe Ride

For kids as small as one-year-olds, safety is a big factor. They don’t know how to ensure their own safety. Therefore, as a parent, you should only get him toys that meet the appropriate safety standards.

Firstly, you should check if the base of the toy is broad enough. It should also allow your child to place his foot to the ground to ensure proper balance.

In case the toy is a rocking one, then check how far off it bounces back and forth. If it moves too far to the front or the back, the kid might topple and fall over. Also, look if the toy comes with a good grip handle to give the child something to hold onto.

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One way to check the stability of a toy is by pushing it from the sides. If it easily tips over, then it isn’t quite good at maintaining balance. And no matter how reliable the toy seems, always let your child ride it under parental supervision.

Attractiveness and Added Features

A ride-on toy shouldn’t just be able to move but should also feature additional amenities to hold the attention of the child. Its design should be colorful and fancy to enable the imagination of a kid. It should come in different attractive designs imitating animals or cars.

Baby Walker Safety

Moreover, if the toy can play music or tunes to reinforce the child and engage him to learn, then it will contribute towards his growth even better.


It isn’t possible to purchase a new toy every time your child grows a little. And kids grow very fast. Therefore, while making your purchase, make sure that the toy comes with adjustable parts. This will allow you to replace its parts or adjust its size as your child grows to accommodate the growing child.


The toy should be made up of good quality materials so that it does not break down easily. Kids can be rough and not take proper care of their belongings. Therefore, their toys should be made up of sturdy materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ride on toys worth it?

Definitely. It helps to improve your child’s motor and balancing skills and also lets him engage in fun activities improving his imagination.

Can a 1-year-old ride a scooter?

It depends on his development. There are some scooters that are specifically made for one-year-old kids. However, the child needs to know how to balance himself and pedal in order to ride one.

What are the best learning toys for 1-year-olds?

At the age of one year, a kid begins to learn how to balance himself, and speak. So at this age, toys that help him to develop his motor skills and contain music and songs can be a good choice. Ride on toys can do this well.

How fast should a ride on toy be?

Since one-year-old babies are too small, it is best to get a toy that can also be controlled by the parent. In this way, even if your child cannot yet maneuver the toy himself, you can help him ride it.

How fast should a ride on toy be?

Kids might face accidents if a toy is too fast. So pick one that moves at a moderate speed and can be stopped easily.

Final Words

In conclusion, ride-on toys can be a great source of joy for small kids. They can also prove to be a great learning opportunity for them. We hope this article of the 7 best ride-on toys for 1-year-old will be helpful for you in making your pick.

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