Best Electrician Tool Belts In 2021 and Beyond

Having quick access to tools is a crucial factor for electricians. Even though you can get relatively fast access to tools by keeping a toolbox near you, opening the lid and finding the tool you need can sometimes be quite a hassle. And that is where tool belts step in. They will allow you to keep the specific tools you will require for a particular task on you.

And even though any type of belt with straps and pockets can be used to hold electrical tools, they will not be able to offer you the flexibility and the comfort that the best electrician tool belts can offer. Finding one of them in the market is another task that can feel a bit tedious.

However, you can stay worry-free because we are here to make that choosing task feel like a piece of cake.

Why Do You Need to Wear Electrician Tool Belts?

Before we start our review section, we would like to let you know about the benefits these belts can offer. Hopefully, after going through these, you will be fully convinced to invest in one of these. With that being said, the main advantages that they bring to the table are:

Offers a Fast Access to the Tools

As we have mentioned above, these will allow you to keep your important tools on you. Because of that, your working efficiency is going to improve significantly. Alongside that, your productivity will also see a lot of improvements.

By keeping the necessary tools on you, you would not need to go through the hassle of opening the toolbox and getting the required tools every time you are carrying out an important electrical task. As a result, the stress during work will reduce substantially, which will eventually increase your overall productivity.

Apart from that, it makes you efficient by reducing the time that you would have to waste trying to find the exact tool from a toolbox while carrying out a specific electrical job.

Keeps You Safe

In some of the scenarios, you would find yourself having to climb higher places. And in those scenarios taking an entire toolbox with your while climbing the ladder can be highly risky. You can even fall off while trying to carry that heavy toolbox.

On the other hand, if you have one of these belts on, you would not have to worry about carrying anything. Both of your hands are going to be free. As a result, you will be able to climb the ladders safely.

Allows You to Organize Tools Efficiently

Most of the toolboxes that are out in the market do not actually have different compartments. Because of the lack of compartments, the tools that you would store in them would remain in a scattered manner. And finding a small tool in a box that is full of tools would feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

Well, as these have different pockets and straps, organizing tools will feel like a breeze. You can efficiently order out the tools on each of the pockets. This efficient organizing will eventually further increase overall productivity.


As we mentioned above, any type of belt with a few pockets and straps can be used as an electrician tool belt. However, what most of them will lack is comfort. You would feel like you are wearing a thick jacket in the middle of the summer for those.

On the other hand, the belts that are specifically designed for carrying electrical tools will have adjustable straps and a design that will fit all sizes of the waist. As a result, the comfort you will get from those will be much higher than any other regular belts with pockets on it.

7 Best Electrician Tool Belts Review

If you decide to head out in the market now, you will find yourself puzzled among a plethora of tool belts. And we are here to make sure that you do not find yourself in such situations.

We will do that by offering you a narrowed down list that only contains units worth every penny. Take a look at the list that we have huddled exclusively for you:

Image Product Name Price
1  DEWALT DG5641 Framer’s Combo Apron Check Price
2  OX Tools Construction Rig, Leather Tool Check Price
3  Gatorback B145 Carpenters Triple Combo Check Price
4  Occidental Leather Lip Tool Bag Set Check Price
5  TradeGear MEDIUM Combo Belt & Bag Check Price
6  CLC Custom Leathercraft Tool Belt Check Price
7Occidental-Leather-5590-M-Commercial-Electricians-Set-669x420  Occidental Leather Commercial Electrician’s Set Check Price

1. DEWALT DG5641 Framer’s Combo Apron

DEWALT DG5641 Framer's Combo Apron

The manufacturer DEWALT has been around in the electrical tools market for a long time. They now have started to offer tool belts too. And as they know all the things electricians want from one of these, they have finely tuned this belt to the maximum level.

Unlike some of the other units that are available in the market, this one comes with suspenders. The suspenders have padding on them and are fully adjustable. As a result, the weight gets evenly distributed. You will not feel like you are carrying a big rock with just one side of your body.

Apart from that, the number of pockets this one has is twenty. With that much amount of pockets, organizing all the essential tools will be an easy task for you. And as they implement the gusset-style and are reasonably large, you will be able to carry most of the large-sized tools at ease.

The manufacturer also factored in the overall comfort. It comes with a five inches padded belt. That has a double-tongue buckle to maximize comfort. Alongside that, the adjustable suspenders will also enhance that factor substantially.

You will not have to worry about the comfort that much if your waist is anywhere between 29 inches and 46 inches.

Other than that, it has two-loop hammer holders that are made of steel. As a result, you will have fast access to the hammers and large-sized tools that you might want to carry with you.

Besides that, as it implements a unique design, you can enjoy a fully redefined one hand carrying experience. Worrying about your safety while working in higher up places would not be something you would have to do after wearing it.


  • Suspenders are padded
  • Distributes the weight evenly
  • Twenty large-sized pockets
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Offers easy access to the tools


  • Might be too big for some
  • Pockets tend to develop holes in them over time

2. OX Tools Construction Rig, Leather Tool

OX Tools Construction Rig, Leather Tool

Usually, the more the pockets, the easier it would be for you to organize and carry the tools. However, if the pockets do not have proper reinforcement, they would not come in that much use. Well, you would not have to worry about that if you opt for this one that is being offered by OX tools.

First of all, the unit boasts a staggering twenty-two pockets. That amount of pockets is higher than what most of the other manufacturers are currently offering in the market. Because of having that much amount of holders, organizing task will be fairly easy for you.

Other than that, each of the pockets has a rivet reinforcement. The reinforcing is done using a heavy-duty material. As a result, you can stay worry-free because there would be a lower chance of holes getting developed inside them over time.

Apart from just featuring heavy-duty pockets, the overall construction that it sports is quite sturdy as well. It is made of high-quality leather that has gone through the oil-tanning process. Because of that, the durability that it achieves is relatively higher than most of the other average belts out there.

Besides just being durable, the unit is quite comfortable to wear too. It has reinforcement on the belt tunnel, which does not only enhance durability but also comfort too. That reinforcing also lowers the chances of it getting scratched and torn down. The belts fit the waists that are from 29 inches to 46 inches.

It also has a hammer loop with a unique shape to reduce the chances of the hammers falling down. For that reason, working in higher up places will be a hassle-free task for you.


  • Durable overall construction
  • Highly resistant to tears and scratches
  • Offers a high level of comfort
  • Twenty-two pockets
  • Belt tunnel has an adequate amount of reinforcement


  • A bit hard to get a proper fit on small waists
  • Pockets are not that large

3. Gatorback B145 Carpenters Triple Combo

Gatorback B145 Carpenters Triple Combo

Even though there are a plethora of belts in the market, there are hardly a few manufacturers in the market that are offering full freedom in the case of sizing. Well, if you were looking for something that does come in different sizes, you should keep this one from Gatorback into your consideration list.

Let us talk about the most highlighting feature first. It comes in six different sizes. You can choose between the small, medium, large, XL, double XL, and lastly, triple XL sizes. No matter what size of waist you have, you are sure to find a perfectly fitting one among all of them.

Other than that, all of the sizes ensures a maximum level of comfort. They have an air channel mechanism that makes the unit breathable. As are a result, you are not going to sweat that much while wearing them. Also, these have enough padding to make them highly ergonomic.

Apart from that, the overall construction is reasonably sturdy. Each of the pouches that it has is riveted. It has a tacked bar to offer extra protection to pouches. And as the overall body utilizes DuraTek nylon, durability will not be a thing you would have to worry about.

The unit’s right side has a hammer loop, which will allow you to carry hammers and other large-sized tools easily.

Also, there is an eight-inch deep single pouch in the middle, which will enable you to carry more large-sized tools if you require. You will not have to worry about not having space to carry all the required tools for this one.

Lastly, the pouches have an interior plastic covering. That covering ensures that the pouches retain their shape for a long amount of time. As a result, they will not sag over time.


  • Comes in six different sizes
  • Overall construction is reasonably sturdy
  • Plastic covering on each of the pouches
  • Eight-inch deep pocket in the middle
  • Pounces do not sag over time


  • Pockets on the side are not that large in size
  • The number of pockets on the side are comparatively low

4. Occidental Leather Lip Tool Bag Set

Occidental Leather Lip Tool Bag Set

The electrician tool belts that are made of high-quality material are the ones that are going to have an extended lifespan. You can use them for years after years without facing any deterioration in functionality. And this one that Occidental is offering is a perfect example of units such as that.

First of all, the construction materials are neoprene, high-quality leather, and commercial nylon. That combination of materials makes this one achieve highly rugged characteristics. Also, those are the materials that are responsible for making it achieve an elongated lifespan.

Apart from that, the unit comes with D-rings pre-installed. Those rings allow it to have bags that have a suspension system. As a result, the task of storing specific large-sized tools will not that much of a hassle for you. The bags are designed in a particular manner to lower the overall hindrance. As a result, you will have no trouble moving while wearing it, even when it is full of tools.

Besides that, it has a total of 24 pockets. That number of bags usually dictates that you will have the full freedom to carry all the essential tools with you. Also, the bags are 10 inches deep, enabling you to store large-sized tools without facing any sort of space issues.

You will not have to worry about fitting that much too. The belt is designed in such a way that it will perfectly fit the waists that are from 32 inches to 41 inches. There are leather reinforcements on the corners and the bottom. Those will ensure that the belt stays in place while you are moving.

Lastly, there is a rear hammer holder. That holder can hold hammers of any size and weight.


  • Utilizes high-quality materials for the overall construction
  • Twenty-four pouches in total
  • Each of the bags is ten inches deep
  • Rear hammer holder
  • Features reinforcement on the corners and the bottom


  • Not ideal for people with small waist sizes
  • Some of the bags do not have proper reinforcement

5. TradeGear MEDIUM Combo Belt & Bag

TradeGear MEDIUM Combo Belt & Bag

Among all the available belts, the ones that utilize breathable materials are the ones that are going to offer the maximum amount of comfort. Well, TradeGear factored that in while they were manufacturing this unit.

Unlike some of the other belts that are being offered by different manufacturers, this one utilizes high-density memory foam. Because of that, the unit achieves a higher breathable characteristic. Alongside that, there are air-channel ventilation implemented.You are not going to sweat that much while wearing it.

Apart from that, the padding that it features is quite thick. That thick padding will add up to the overall comfort. It has a back support that has a contoured design. That design will further enhance overall comfort. As a result, discomfort while wearing it would not be something that you will have to think about that much.

Other than that, this one has a large number of pockets. There are 27 pockets on the sides. Each of them is of varying sizes. Also, there are two heavy-duty pouches on the front, which will allow you to store large-sized tools effortlessly.

The unit is built tough too. It features reinforcement on each of the pockets. Also, it hasan inner plastic lining in the pouches that will ensure that they do not sag over time. The sturdiness is further enhanced with the nylon interior. And the other body has DuraTek fabric, which makes it highly durable.

Besides that, it has a unique design that makes carrying it easy. That design is implemented in such a way that you will have no trouble at all in the case of moving around with the belt full of tools. And the waist size range that it has is from 31 inches to 35 inches.


  • Utilizes memory foam for higher breathability
  • Features twenty-seven differently sized pouches
  • Two heavy-duty pouches on the front
  • Built tough
  • convenient design


  • Does not fit on waists that are smaller than 30 inches
  • A bit on the heavier side

6. CLC Custom Leathercraft Tool Belt

CLC Custom Leathercraft Tool Belt

While there are many belts out there that are comfortable to wear, you will hardly find a few that have as many pockets as this one offered by CLC custom.

To start with, it implements a specialized design that will ensure an even distribution of weight. As a result, no matter how many heavy tools you carry, you will not put that much strain on your hips. Eventually, the working efficiency will see a significant improvement.

Other than that, the unit has thick padding. Those paddings are going to enhance the overall comfort substantially. The paddings are three inches wide and have a double steel rolling buckle. Because of that rolling buckle, it has a high waist range. It will perfectly fit on waists that are from 29 inches to 46 inches.

The adjustable handle design that it has will allow you to fine-tune your wearing experience while wearing it. You will not have to worry about dropping all your tools while doing that too.

As we mentioned above, the number of pockets it has is higher than most other units. It has a total of 28 pouches. There is one big-sized pocket with a zipper, which will allow you to keep nuts, drill bits, and other small tools securely.

Also, there is a tool snap, tape snap, and metal hammer loop. That hammer loop can hold hammers of all sizes.

Alongside that, the unit also has a drill holder. It can hold most of the medium to large-sized cordless drills that are out in the market. Also, the materials that the manufacturer implemented are all of high quality too. It is made of ballistic binding and high-density polyester fabric.


  • Twenty-eight different pockets
  • Comes with a drill holder
  • zipped pouch for holding small parts
  • Reasonably sturdy construction
  • Fitting can be adjusted while wearing it


  • Tool snaps are a bit flimsy
  • Bags tend to sag over time

7. Occidental Leather Commercial Electrician’s Set

Best Electrician Tool Belts In 2021 and Beyond 1

The manufacturer Occidental has an extensive lineup of electrician belts to offer to the market. And this one that we are going to talk about comes in a plethora of sizes.

As we said, there are multiple size options available for this unit. It comes in small, medium, large, extra-large, double extra-large, and lastly, triple extra-large. Because of the different size options, finding the one that is going to fit you perfectly will be an easy task for you.

Besides that, the tool holders that it sports all have a spill-resistant design. For that reason, you will not have to worry about dropping all your tools when you climb up while wearing this belt. It is going to keep all the tools tucked into the pouches appropriately.

On that note, the total number of tool holders and pockets that it has is thirty-seven. Because of that, organizing all your tools will be a fairly easy task. There is a big-sized main bag on the center, which will allow you to tuck in large-sized tools at ease. You will not have to carry them by hand anymore.

Apart from that, the overall construction of the unit is pretty rugged. The manufacturer employed the highest quality of materials for manufacturing this belt. For that reason, the durability of the belt is reasonably higher than some of the average available units.

Other than that, there is an appropriate amount of padding on the belt. Those paddings make the wearing experience pretty comfortable. So even if the unit is fully packed with tools, you will hardly face any sort of discomfort while wearing it.

Lastly, there are multiple tools and hammer snaps on the front. Those will offer you quick access to certain tools that are you would have to use frequently.


  • Available in six different sizes
  • There are a total of thirty-seven pouches and tool holders
  • Has a large-sized pocket on the front
  • Offers a substantial amount of comfort
  • Features a rugged overall construction


  • Pockets do not have any sort of plastic lining inside them
  • Some of the pouches are too small

What to Look for Before Buying?

Now that you have gone through our review section, you must have a general idea about the things that a decent belt can offer. Well, even after that, you will have to keep some factors in mind. Those will enable you to scrutinize the units much efficiently and will allow you to get the most out of your money. The factors are:

The Fit

Before anything else, you will have to consider the fitting of the fit. Not all of the belts you will stumble upon in the market will be appropriate for the size of the waste you have. And if you happen to get the one that is not designed for your waist, then you will have a lot of trouble trying to keep the belt in your hips.

Most of the manufacturers are offering their belts in varying sizes. Even if there are not many size options available for the one that you are shooting for, we would recommend opting for the one that is adequate for broad waist sizes. With those, you are sure to get a proper fit.

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As you are going to wear these for a prolonged amount of time, comfort is something that you should give high priority to.

Even though most of the belts designed to hold electrical tools will offer a high amount of comfort, many will enhance the comfort factor to a substantial amount. And those are the ones you would want to spend your valuable money on.

The ones that we would recommend you to shoot for keeping comfort in mind are the ones that have thick padding. Those are the ones that you can easily wear for hours and hours without facing any discomfort issues.

Also, if possible, go for the breathable ones. If the pads are breathable, there will a very low possibility of you sweating excessively while wearing it.

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Another crucial factor that you should consider is the material. Most of the manufacturers will combine multiple types of materials for the overall construction. Those that utilize a combination of high-quality materials are the ones that you should shoot for because those will provide you an elongated lifespan.

Other than that, if you opt for the one that utilizes high-quality materials, you would not have to worry about holes developing in the pockets either. And holes are something that you would not want in the pouches. If there are wear and tears in the bags, your tools are going to fall right to the floor when you are moving.

Number of Pouches

The ones that have a considerably low amount of pockets will limit your overall organizing efficiency. would have to keep a lot of the different types of tools in one pouch, which will slow down your overall workflow.

For that reason, you should factor in the number of bags because the higher the pockets, the more efficiently you will be able to organize the tools.

Size of Pouches

Apart from the number, you should also keep the size of the pockets in your consideration. Because having a large number of small pouches will eventually limit your capability of organizing the tools efficiently.

In fact, you might struggle a lot in the case of carrying large-sized tools with you. That is why we would recommend opting for the ones that have at least two or more large-sized pouches.

Hammer Loops

Even if the belt that you are shooting does come with several large-sized pouches, you should consider whether it has hammer loops or not.

Because no matter how big the pockets are, it would get very tough for you to carry a hammer with you without a loop. You might even end up carrying it by hand, which eventually ruins the purpose of having a belt in the first place.

Plastic Lining and Reinforcements

Most of the units do not have proper reinforcements and plastic lining inside them. However, this is an important factor that you should keep in mind. Because without these, the pouches are going to sag over time. As a result, you might not be able to store your tools properly because they will fall down frequently.

Keeping that in mind, we would highly recommend picking the units that havean adequate amount of reinforcements around the pockets and has a plastic lining inside them.

Types of Electrician Tool Belts

You might not even know about it, but several electrical belts are available in the market. They can be mainly divided into two. One of them depends on the type of material utilized, and the other depends on the style. Let us give you a brief idea about both of them.


Keeping the material into mind, these can be divided into three subsections. They are:

  1. Polyester

The material polyester is basically a type of synthetic fabric. This material is widely available, which lowers down the manufacturing cost substantially. So if you are mainly on a tight budget, the polyester units are the ones you would want to opt for. These are also highly resistant to water.

Apart from that, this material is reasonably lightweight too. For that reason, it would not feel like you are carrying a slab of rock while wearing it. Even when the pouches are full of tools, the unit is going to feel comparatively light. However, the durability is not that praiseworthy for this material. They are prone to tearing and ripping.

  1. Nylon

The material nylon is a lot similar to polyester. They are more accessible than polyester, which lowers the cost down even further. As a result, the units that are of this material generally reside on the entry-level bracket of products.  However, they do not have the same amount of water-resisting capability as polyester. For that reason, you would want to keep these away from damp environments.

On the note of similarities, this material has the same durability issues as the polyester. They are not that resistant to wearing and tearing. You can easily rip these apart. So you would have to keep this factor in mind.

  1. Leather

The most sturdier type of material that is used to manufacture these is leather. Opting for this material over the other ones will surely check some of the key factors. One of those is durability. You would not have to worry that much about these getting ripped and torn.

Another factor that you are going to check if you opt for leather ones is comfort. Usually, the ones that utilize high-grain leather offers a higher level of comfort. However, these do not come cheap. In fact, they are the most expensive one among the bunch.

  1. Standard

The ones that resemble the normal belt the most are the ones that are called the standard electrician belts. As you can expect, these are worn by surrounding them around the waist and tightening down a Velcro tab.

However, these usually put most of the weight on the lower section of the hips, which can be a bit uncomfortable for some.

  1. Harness

The style of electrician belts that mitigates the weight issue that the standard ones have is the harness ones. These usually come with suspenders, which will go on your shoulders. As a result, the weight is going to get distributed evenly rather than just the lower hips.

Care And Maintenance

No matter how durable and sturdy the unit you have is, it will not last for that much amount of time without proper care. And these belts do not come in cheap either.

For that reason, if you want to use these for an extended amount of time, you would have to take proper care. And the things that you would have to keep in mind in the case of maintenance are as follows:


You would want to clean these at least once a week. If possible,we would suggest washing these twice in a weak. However, in the case of washing these, you would want to avoid using harsh detergents, acids, bleach, and alkaline-based solutions.

The best solution would be a mixture of warm water and soap. Use a soft sponge and clean the body thoroughly.

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Carry Out Frequent Visual Examinations

Apart from cleaning, we would recommend inspecting the webbings and the threads frequently. If any of them are loose, you should stitch them as fast as possible.

Factor in the Weight Limit

If the manufacturer states a weight limit, you should not carry beyond it. Regardless of how big the pouches are. Because if you do carry over the weight limit, the fabric will wear faster than usual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are leather electrician tool belts worth it?

Leather units are generally costlier than the other types. However, the extra cost is well worth it because you are going to enjoy a substantial amount of comfort. Alongside that, these are highly durable as well. So, we would say that they are very much worth it.

What should I do if I get myself a wrong-sized belt?

If the belt is detachable, then you can easily replace it with the one that is for your size. However, if it not detachable, we would recommend contacting the manufacturer and asking for a refund or replacement.

Can I make the tool belts smaller?

It depends. If the belt utilizes a standard design and utilizes a horseshoe buckle in it, you can easily make a new hole in it. However, if it depends on Velcro tabs, making it smaller can be a bit difficult.

How can I choose the right size for myself?

Before you decide to buy one of the units, we would recommend measuring your waist. Then, choose the one that has the size of your waist within the fitting range.

Would it be possible to change the pouches if they develop holes over time?

If the unit that you have has detachable pockets, you can easily get them replaced. However, if they are not detachable, we recommend stitching the holes if you can not get yourself a replacement.

Final Words

Getting yourself one of the best electrician tool belts will increase your overall productivity and allow you to organize all the essential tools efficiently. To conclude, we hope that our effort in narrowing down the total amount of available options was sufficient enough that it is now easier for you to choose one.

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