Top 10 Best Baby Wipe Warmer (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide) 2021

Best Baby Wipe Warmer

Are you looking for the best baby wipe warmer? A baby wipes warmer is an ultimate glamour for ensuring the highest comfort of your baby’s bottom. It is using cleaning during the change of diapers. Most of the warmer can warm one-time paper and clothes too. Typically, the infant’s skin is too soft and sensitive that can’t tolerate various rash and uncomfortable touch from the casual, cold toilet wipe. Though, it seems like using the stiff wipe paper is preferable for wiping but with the change of time result show that it is terrible much rather than good. You have to decide to use a heated wiper while notice your baby is jumping or often crying while using a cold wipe paper. 

As a loving and careful parents, you will think first about your baby’s health and comfort. Then a baby wipes warmer can be your baby’s best friend. Moreover, it is recommended to use a wipe warmer from the BMC pediatric journal. 

I have extensive research on the best baby wipe warmer 2019. Let’s know how easily you can figure out the top best list. 

Reviews of 10 Best baby wipe warmer In 2021

Would you like to get a surround to wipe warmer that is most convenient? So, first of all, you can think of the eccomum wipe warmer. It arrives with large capacity, clamshell design and overall heating quality. In words, eccomum will play a very active role at every stage of your child’s upbringing. It will take 5 minutes to heat up, and its optimum temperature will quickly adapt to your baby’s body. The temperature range is 115° F-125° F. It can hold wipes of all sizes up to 100 simultaneously. The lid’s gasket makes the wiper far moist fresh and comfortable. One kilowatt electricity needs to run it for every 84 hours.

Similarly, the DC power is 12 volts, and AC volt is 120 Volt. With the rented power is 60 Hz/12 Watt. Low power works for saving energy and make a fresh feeling to your babies. You will get it with 10.2 x 6.1 x 4.5 inches’ sizes and 2 pounds’ weigh. The indicator light is super soft and comfortable to eyes. Besides, it doesn’t create any noise in the using time. 

Safety Tips: Always be careful that your wipe warmer has enough water. Otherwise, it may be damaged even wholly wasted. 

Baby wipe warmer& dispenser is one of the best wipe warmer to get rid of the nightmare of startling cold wiping. It arrives from the most credible manufacturer company tuut, which is gaining popularity for its various features. This wipes may need 6 hours to be warm-up at first using. First of all, you can put up to 80 wipes in time, but the best practice is to use a full package of wipes in a time. As well as it designed for making feel comfortable to your baby. Huggies and pampers are also fitted with it perfectly. The warmer, weighing 2.5 pounds, is being shaped by 10.1×7.3x5inches. Though there is no switch on\ off system, you can have plugged it still 24/7. Besides, it can safely run up to 110-220 volt. A soft silicon pop-up lid will give your child a relaxing experience. Moreover, it’s eco-friendly features help your baby to be safe from several environments contaminates. 

Safety Tips: Typically, it runs with a direct plug-in system. You can use it for still 24/7 hour. But keep in mind to unplugged it while you won’t use it for several weeks. 

are you looking for a more advanced baby wipe warmer within only a small price, then this baby wipes warmer would be your first choice? Along with child protection and comfort, it offers you some unique benefits. First of all, I want to say that it is the only one which has four bright LED ample lights. These will help you while changing your baby’s diapers. Secondly, you are getting 2 in one heating advantages in this warmer. One is for the summer season when Ac can make cold the wipes; another is for the winter season. Theses, you will use according to your baby’s comfort. The other significant advantages of it have a large compartment of 7.6”x5” to put up to 100 wipes of all kinds of brands. Overall product size is 9.3 x 6.6 x 4.9 inches. As well as you are getting low voltage, input power is 100-240 volt. It is alluring for such beautiful features, and I am a great fan of it. 

Safety Tips: Two heating system is a little bit sensitive, so be aware when you will use these two advantages so that the baby wipe won’t be dried out. 


Maybe your parenting arsenal has a great lacking without a Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser. So with this beautiful warmer, you can ensure maximum protection for your baby. It is so well known that you can undoubtedly take one for your child. First of all, it is the top heated design with quality silicone seal locks. Silicon locks keep the moisture entirely. Auto shut off quality able changing light is including with it which can help auto-off within 10 minutes. So you will not need any other light. Any sizes and brands wipers will have fitted with its container. You can run it from 110-240 volts. The product dimension is 10.5 x 7.5 x 5 inches, and weight is 2.1 pounds. Besides, it is such an extra-large that you can put wiper together for one week. This product can be unique to busy parents. 

Safety Tips: It can hold most of the wipes than any other wipe warmer. But remember, it also has a limitation. So put your wipes with carefully according to the box capacity. Otherwise, it may damage for overloads. 

Are you looking for the best wipe warmer of large compartment? Its excellent features and sleek design make it more appealing to loving parents. First of all, this wipes warmer designed with easy press on\off system. So you are free from the hassle of plugged and unplugged. The large compartment can hold a maximum of 100 wipes together. As well as, this warmer has a FLIP silicon seal which helps to easy access and retain moisture. As a result, the wiper will not be dry or brown.

Moreover, it has a beautiful viewing window so that you can easily watch how many wipes are there. It has 12-volt energy-efficient ETL certification. It can operate from 100-240 volts. Its weigh is only 1.75 pounds, and size is 9.3 x 6.6 x 4.9 inches. Overall it can be a game-changer for you and your baby. 

Safety Tips: Regularly check out the water amount inside the device. Because lacking proper water your wipe warmer may damage soon.

Prince Lionheart wipe warmer is three-part heating features warmer specially designed for warming the disposable and reusable cloths. One of the unique features of this warmer has an anti-microbial quality which helps to keep your wipes moist and save from germs, bleaching, dyes and getting brown coloring. Besides, you are getting a tremendously bright light during the diaper changes in midnight. Fortunately, you are getting 12 fantastic and reusable wipes with it. Also, you can wipe tissue paper. Wipe size is 10.7 x 7.8 x 5 inches and the device weight 1.37pounds. I can ensure that it will give you safety, surety and comfortability. 

Safety Tips: You must have to maintain the heating amount several times. To get rid of the annoying nightlight, you can cover up the lights during sleeping. 

To make your baby’s diaper changing more enjoyable, you can go with a munchkin wipe warmer. Munchkin is known to everyone by one name. The white-green color combination and durable, high-quality plastic materials make it more eye-catchy and attractive. This more unique and beautiful. This best warmer can stores up to 100 wipes together, and you can use these conveniently by flip-top lid system. The lower voltage helps to retain the moisture, save from discoloration and getting brown color. Another advantage of it has a soft night light with 10 minutes’ auto shut of quality. So you have not on your room light during the diaper change. As well as, it has large windows to set the wipes correctly without opening the warmer. The power adapter can run at standards 110-120 ac voltage. 

Safety Tips: You will not use it within 220 volts and recommended to use with a class-2 adapter. Most importantly, keep in mind that you can’t warm up any other things without baby wipers.

Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer is a popular baby product worldwide. It comes with the most credible and reputed manufacturer company prince lion heart which start their journey since 1973. You would be surprised to know; it has so many quality features. First of all, it is an ever-fresh pillow system warmer which will perform against getting brown, drying. As well as, the ever-fresh pillow system uses evaporation and condensation to keep the moisture.

Moreover, it is working as an anti-microbial. Up to 800-100 clothes, wipes can easily fit into it. Maximum voltage is 120-240 with 12 mA adapter for safety fuse. Most importantly, you can be plugged in it 24/7 hours. It is very lightweight of 1 pound, and the overall product measurement is 10 x 6.8 x 4.5 inches, and the product weight is only 1 pound. It is primarily a favorite item for them who loves to use clothes warm wipes. Because, it is best wipe warmer for cloth wipes

Safety Tips: Unplugged, your lion heart baby, wipe warmer when you go too long outdoor trips or vacation. 

It is a unique product than all other best baby wipes warmer. Because it comes with two in one feature. You can warm up the baby’s feeding bottle as well as the wipes. Bela’s bone comes as a mother’s day gift. It works with dual voltage quality of 100-240VAC. Another advantage you can warm facial wipe also. In the bottle warming section, plastic bottle, glass and other types fitted with it. A 12VDC car charger will include it. The standard heating temperature is 104F, and it will take 40 minutes. Up to 0.43 KWH/24 hours’ electric expense savings. Maximum 3.5” size bottle you can set in it. Overall product dimension is 12.7 x 6.1 x 4 inches and weighs 2.1 pounds. Most importantly, its plastic materials are BPA free plastic materials. I love to buy it again


Safety Tips: Be careful about bottle warming. It may take a long time to warm up. Wait a bit with patience when you need bottle warming. Otherwise, the bottle can be damage or burn from overheat. 

Prince Lionheart is another great baby wipe warmer. It is heart winner since 1973. I love it much for its beautiful features and popular pink color. Besides, it is credible products comes from Lionheart manufacturing company. Its construction materials are high-quality plastic materials. The proper size is 10.5 x 8 x 6 inches, and the weight is 1.6 pounds.

Most importantly, it is an imported product which is committed to keeping your baby wipers warm, save from non-browning problems. Moreover, this warmer has fresh features ever. Overall, you can go with it. It will be bringing great joy for you and your baby. 

Safety Tips: Fewer customer grievance about immediate bottom drying problems. So check the heating after a specific period. 

Buying Guide: Best Baby Warmer

As a loving parent, you will want to give maximum comfort and safety for your infants. Here are the most notable considering things you have to notice before buying the best wipe warmer 2019. After an intensive market analysis, I am sharing this guideline. Let’s have a look. 

Wipe Capacity:

Before buying any baby warmer, make sure about the warmer wipes holding capacity. There is various wipe capacity warmer in the market. Some are capable of holding only 10-20wipes.On the other hand, there have some large size wipe warmer. Typically, the large warmer can keep up to 80-100 wipes together. Most importantly, keep in mind that the maximum size is up to 100 wipes. Try to choose the maximum holding capacity warmer.

Wipes types:

As well as the wipes capacity, you have to consider the wipes types. Generally, you will find two types of warmer, one is disposable tissue wipes, and another is clothes wipes because all more tepid can’t warm up clothes wipes. But you can find some item which can warm up both clothes and disposable tissue wipe. Which parents love to use the disposable item they can go with the warmer, which can warm up disposable wipes. Moreover, some parent’s may like to use washable clothes wipes. They should choose this category warmer. But most recommended is to use a disposable wipe warmer. 

Night Light:

Having an onboard bright light is indeed essential. Often a mom needs to change the diaper at midnight. As a result, they on their room light. But it can be annoying to the other sleeping person of the room. If you get a glowing fire with your warming device? I am sure it will be great joy and convenient for you. With this onboard light, you will be able to change the baby’s diaper far easily. So if possible, check out an item includes a beautiful nightlight. 

 Warming Mechanism:

All of the warmer doesn’t similarly create heat. Some are top heating warmer; some are bottom heating warmer. It is not a big deal. Because all types can warm up correctly. These factors you have to keep in mind, in the case of bottom warmer, you have to change the wipes frequently. Because in this system the wipes may dry for overheating. So before making an ultimate decision, make sure about the heating types of a warmer. 

Viewing window:

The viewing window is an exciting feature of baby wipe warmer. Maybe you will be happy if you could watch how many wipes remain to exist in the warmer. It would be easier to set up wipes again. So a viewing window is essential for you. 

Adapter for travelling:

Are you love to travel frequently with your lovely babies? Then you have to think about an additional adapter of 100-240v current. So you can efficiently operate this device with the adapter. 

Anti-microbial features: 

Anti-microbial quality warmer keep safe your warmer from various bacterial infection and ensure maximum hygienic environment inside the warmer. As well as try to buy a product is built from BPA free, durable plastic materials. 

Best baby wipes warmer using process

A baby wipes warmer using method is very simple. Though baby wipes warmer is looking like a traditional box, container or like a storing space, but it has a unique mechanism inside the device. Its top part can easily have opened and closed so that the wipes will not dry out quickly. First of all, set all of the wipes in a package according to your warmer holding capacity. Secondly, you have to put some water inside the bottom part of the warmer. These water should add after a limited time. Then plugged it with electric power supply. Let it be hot at least 40 minutes for the first time. Then press the open button, and you will find a ready, warm wipe for your baby. Often, there has some additional spray for watering in the warmer. But it is naturally found with some specific costly warmer. No fear! It is not mandatory for you. 

Benefits of using a baby wipe warmer

  • Make your baby feel the luxury of comfort and safety
  • Ensure you to get a hygienic, comfortable environment.
  • Helps to keep safe the wipes from various anti-microbial and bacterial infection
  • Save your baby from diaper rash and annoying from cold wipes. 


Should you use a wipe warmer?

Yes! You should use a wipe warmer for ensuring your baby’s maximum comfort during the diaper changing time. But the most crucial factor is you have to know how to use a baby wipe warmer properly. It is pretty simple ways of putting water underneath the warmer so that the wipes won’t get dry. 

Are wipe warmers safe?

Yes! It is quite safe for you and your baby’s room. Each warmer should have a specific standard for use. Apart from this, all of the manufacturing companies consider the ultimate possible low voltage to prevent unnecessary overheating problems. But as an electronic device, it may occur a few issues in a rare case. For over safety, you can have unplugged the warmer while it won’t need.


How long does a wipe warmer take to warm up?

Maximum 10 minutes it will take to warm up the wipes. So you can keep it up to 24 hours for instant use. Though most of the warmer is works with ultimate low voltages, yet some parents are getting worried about a fire hazard. If you are over concern, then unplugged the warmer.

Do you take wipes out of package for a wipe warmer?

Yes! You can take wipes out of package for a warmer. As a result, you can put the wipes when the warmer will be empty. Most importantly, you must have to close the lid after each use. Then your wipes will not dry. 

How do I clean my wipe warmer?

To increase the warmer stability, always use the standard amount of water. The cleaning process is so simple. First of all, turn off or unplug the warmer. Then remove the top cover of warmer and wash it with light detergent powder. The best practice is to clean once a week. 

I use warmer with a portable USB charger?

Some warmer comes with a portable USB charger. You can only use a USB charger with that item which has the configuration of it. But you can’t use with all of warmer. 

Final Words

All of the above-listed baby wipe warmer reviewsare from my extensive research and most of the warmer I have used and buy for my friends and relatives babies. I am pleased to see that they are happiest to get it. I hope you can select the best baby wipe warmer now. After reading the highlighted features, you can compare among all the wipers. I have a suggestion for you, always keep in mind which warmer will fit with your requirements, that will be best for you. 

Be happy with your little child.


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