Best Baby Walkers for Hardwood Floors

Best Baby Walkers for Hardwood Floors

Mothers raise their children with the utmost care. Especially, when babies started crawling and walking. Baby walkers come to mind when we think about Safety 1st. As parents, we would love to choose Best Baby Walker for our loving children.

If your home floors are made of hardwood, your baby children might fall over on the floor. Worry not! We covered you by categorizing Five Baby Walkers as both Best Baby Walkers for Hardwood Floors and best baby walkers for carpet for your babies. 

Which best baby walker suits you? We know, it’s hard to match all criteria like a wide base, padded seat, gear shifter available, bright colors, sturdy wheels in a baby walker. That’s why we tested some of the best baby walkers out there and represented you Top 5 Baby Walkers for Hardwood Floors here. 

  1. Joovy Spoon Walker
  2. Skip Hop Baby Activity Center 
  3. Bright Starts 3 Ways to Play Walker
  4. BABY JOY Sit-to-Stand Walker
  5. KidsEmbrace Batman Baby Activity Walker

Best Baby Walkers for Hardwood Floors

Check out our full article for those best baby walkers‘ detailed reviews, so that you can select the best one for your baby. 

Joovy Spoon Walker



JOOVY SPOON WALKER is a JPMA certified walker that focuses on safety 1st for your babies. Its wide base finger-safe feature helps your babies to move freely anywhere. Its supersized tray with three height positions and comfortable padded seat allows you to make your baby remain comfortable while roaming in the room. Its non slip stair pads are the best-suited walker for hardwood.


Joovy Spoon Walker’s unit measurement is 27.75 x 25.5 x 18 inches, weight is 12.3 pounds which is easy to carry. This walker can carry babies up to 30 Pounds. Foldable measurement of this walker is 9 H x 25.5 W x 27.75 D inches. The maximum height this walker can support is 33.5 inches. The available color is Charcoal which gives this baby walker a good look.


  • Removable insert for washing. 
  • PVC, Phthalate, and BPA free.
  • Rotatable counter-clockwise 90 degrees.
  • Non-Slip Stair Pads.
  • The toughness of luggage grade material.
  • Seats are machine washable, cleanable.
  • Big wheels added for not slipping on hardwood floors.
  • Extra-large tray for eating while playing and roaming.
  • Environment-friendly, harmful, chemical-free.
  • It’s pricier than competitors.
  • Not perfect for the carpet floor.

VerdictsJOOVY SPOON WALKER is a bright start for its value, safety, and comfort against price. Wide base, seated walker, removable play panel, and many other features have vouchered this walker would be beneficial for baby’s development stages. 


Skip Hop Baby Activity Center 



Skip Hop Baby Activity Center is developed by a pediatrician and Skip hop. It helps growing children alongside growing this activity center. This seated walker offers three different types of convertible options of playing with toys, also clean tables. This activity center is rotatable all around, an extra toy attachment system available. Babies can play the piano with their feet. 


Skip Hop Baby Activity Center’s unit measurement is 31 x 31 x 18.5 inches. Weight is 15 pounds which is good for healthy children. This walker can carry babies up to weight 25 Pounds, height not over 30 inches. The age requirement is over 4 months also for those babies who can hold their heads correctly. It’s a round shape baby walker, the available colors are a white and brown combination.


  • Four Moveable toys available, 25 types of activities possible.
  • A “whole body” approach is used. As a result, this walker would be usable for many months. 
  • 360-degree seat rotatable. 
  • Babies can see pressing piano buttons with their feet and learn. 
  • Activity center convertible to three different types of walkers.
  • Full-fledged four toys available.
  • 360° rotatable seat.
  • Convertible to a clean table for other activities.
  • Spring is not available for jumping.
  • A little tricky to convert to all three stages.

Verdicts – Skip Hop Baby Activity Center is a balance box activity center that grows as your babies grow. Despite some cons, there are many good features available in this one for choosing it for your babies’ enjoyment. 



BABY JOY Sit-to-Stand Walker



BABY JOY Sit-to-Stand Walker offers three different activity centers for your growing babies. Babies of 9 Months who are learning walking, get support first walker helper function from this learning walker. It converts into an activity center as the child grows, further converts into a drawing table as babies grow more. This walker is a safe and long-lasting one for your babies. 


BABY JOY Sit-to-Stand Walker’s unit measurement is 20.1 x 13.8 x 6.9 inches, overall dimension 14” x15” x16.5”. The weight of this walker is 5 pounds. Made of ABS materials, the surface is polished for the baby’s safety. The age requirement of a baby’s usage is 9 months plus. The available color of this walker is blue, which looks great on it. 


  • Tested with ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and certified.
  • 2 Stage speed shift control available.
  • Convertible Drawing table, First walker helper, Playful activity center, 3 modes available.
  • Music Available alongside sound effects in first walker mode while pushing. 
  • Development of hand-eye coordination available. 
  • Very comfortable for babies to hold.
  • Made of ABS material for non-baby walker scratching floor.
  • A built-in sensor is available for playing music.
  • Gear shifter available for balance training and core stability.
  • Moves a little fast as a walker for hardwood.
  • The Musical voice accent could be better.

Verdicts – BABY JOY Sit-to-Stand Walker has an entertainment table, drawing board, music, lights, educational toys, overall, everything needed for a quality Baby Walkers for Hardwood Floors. It’s a great purchase for parents who have a good concern about their kids’ safety and entertainment. 


Bright Starts 3 Ways to Play Walker



Bright Starts 3 Ways to Play Walker is designed like the Ford F-150 model. It’s one of the best baby push walkers which supports three modes. Removing the truck and using it as a push-behind mode, normal mode, also use a walker separately. It’s fine motor skills like authentic truck sounds, steering wheel, lights make the time enjoyable for kids. 


Bright Starts 3 Ways to Play Walker’s unit measurement is 28.5 x 25 x 19.7 inches, weight is 8.62 pounds. The age range of 6 to 12 months babies can start using this walker. The minimum age requirements is 6 months plus. This walker is made of 100% Resin-Treated Polyester Fiber Batting which is easy to clean. The available colors are red and pink which suits both gender babies. 


  • Different three modes are available for babies to have more fun. 
  • Push-behind mode and normal walker mode can be played by two babies same time.
  • For safety, rubbers are added as a brake so that babies don’t feel pain on uneven surfaces.
  • Adjustable seat heights for the comfortability of babies.
  • For compact usage foldable easily. 
  • Different height positions are available for growing kids.
  • Seat pads are removable, machine washable.
  • Steer wheel removable too.
  • Volume control options for built-in music.
  • Pushing a little hard gives scratch on hardwood floors.
  • Doesn’t have flashy toys.

Verdicts – Babies always want to play with different things, as they are always eager to learn new things. Bright Starts 3 Ways to Play Walker offers many different features that are recommended for babies as we mentioned earlier. Babies would love this boo walker for their daily play.


KidsEmbrace Batman Baby Activity Walker



KidsEmbrace Batman Baby Activity Walker is designed based on the popular DC character Batman. Babies would start walking while enjoying their ride on the walker. This walker features easy moving in every direction, nice sounds, flashlights, sometimes vibrates for attracting your baby’s attention. The main focus of these walkers for hardwood is securing your baby’s fingertips and giving the best comfort by adjusting 3 different heights while moving on the rooms. 


KidsEmbrace Batman Baby Activity Walker’s unit measurement is 28 x 25 x 21 inches, weight is 13.7 pounds. The starting age of usage for babies for this walker is 6 months and until 18 months, they can use it easily. This walker can carry a maximum of 26 pounds. Materials used in this walker are a hundred percent Polyester foam also a hundred percent Polyester fiber batting. The available colors are pinky black, blue-black, and yellow-black which are very good-looking for babies. 


  • Tested with ASTM and get certified. 
  • Engine available with the steering wheel, sounds, gear shifter, flashlights to play with.
  • 6 Grip pads for not slipping on hardwood floors. 
  • Easily foldable and collapsible for portability. 
  • High backs made of polyester foam for supporting babies. 
  • Different adjustable height options are available for the perfect seating walker.
  • The polyester cover is machine washable.
  • Comfortable for all ages of babies because of build quality.
  • Easily foldable for space-saving storing.
  • Fine motor skills make walker ride enjoyable.
  • Baby’s scratching on stickers can peel the stickers off.
  • The wheel of the car is attached.

Verdicts – All those fine features of KidsEmbrace Batman Baby Activity Walker suggest that this walker is perfect for baby’s entertainment while securing them on Hardwood floors to move freely. We would suggest you can go for it without thinking much.  


Things to check while choosing the Best Baby Walkers for Hardwood Floors

When selecting the best baby walker product for our babies like a baby walker with rubber wheels or a baby push walker with resistance, we have to know the good characteristics and requirements for choosing the best baby walkers. Those requirements alongside characteristics are

  1. Materials used

Materials for Hardwood floors could be tricky. As hardwood floors are slippery sometimes. ABS shell materials are best suited for hardwood floorwalkers. Sometimes hard plastic also works great on baby walkers. Natural substances would be perfect for making baby walkers for hardwood floors. 

  1. Longevity of Use

If we look into the usage of baby walkers, we can see clearly that everyone wants to use baby walkers for a long time. As children grow, baby walkers should grow with them. There are some baby walkers available in the market which have features like grow with baby. Those features would be a beneficial use of longevity. 

  • Safety features

One of the most important features of a baby walker is safety. Baby walkers are made for ensuring the safety of children’s walking and enjoying the walker ride. There should be safety features added in Baby Walker like non-slippery wheels, a wide base, controlling speed, etc.

  1. Floor Surface Compatibility

Hardwood floors should be compatible with the baby walkers we mentioned earlier above. For example – Rubber wheels wouldn’t work great with hardwood floors, it would lead to baby walker scratching floor. On the other hand, Rubber wheels would work best on the wooden floors. 

  1. Compatible with Baby’s Weight and Height

If babies can comfortably sit on the baby walker and move around freely then it’s perfect for choosing for babies. A healthy baby can fall over from a light walker. There are some baby walkers available in which seat height positions are adjustable. Which would be an ideal baby walker for babies. 

  1. Types of Built-in Toys

Babies enjoy playing with toys. Especially if those toys come with their baby walker, they would love to walk around while playing with toys. Our recommended baby walkers usually come with different types of built-in toys.

  • Age recommendation

Baby walkers are usually for babies who can do crawling and walking a little. Without certain months, parents shouldn’t give their children baby walkers. Additionally, every baby walker comes with a certain age recommendation and how long a baby can use this baby walker too.  

  • Entertainment

Entertainment is one of the main purposes of choosing a baby walker for kids. There should be good music, toys also light which would motivate babies to use a walker every day and get entertained. 

  1. Stability

Baby walkers should move around everywhere in the rooms. A baby walker is like a Balance box that would remain stable even though the baby pushes it to one side. Stability ensures that babies would fall less while learning walker usage. Baby walkers should have good weight itself for carrying babies safely. 

  1. Height

The height of a baby walker matters a lot. It ensures that babies can sit perfectly on the walker and uses good effort for moving the walker. As a result, babies would learn walking faster than a low height base baby walker. There are many baby walkers available for adjusting the height to three different positions. 

  1. Versatility

Babies grow very fast for their parents. When choosing a baby walker, we should give focus on versatile usage of the baby walker. For example – We mentioned earlier that some baby walkers can transform, grow with babies’ features. Baby walkers turn into an activity center, sometimes car models, push walker helpers, etc. 

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  • Comfort

We have to ensure that our babies are comfortable with the baby walker. We would check build quality, seat padded well or not, seat covers washable or not. Baby walkers should have some extra features like feeding while moving trays so that it would be comfortable for parents too for feeding their child comfortably while they are roaming around. 

  • Price

Sometimes price becomes the major factor for deciding the baby walker for parents. As we all know, we love our children and want to give our best for them, that’s why we should choose versatile features and good benefits given baby walkers at a reasonable price for our babies. 


  • When You Should Get A Baby Walker?

Ans– It depends on the baby’s health condition. Usually, 9 months+ is a good time to start using baby walkers. Around that time the baby usually starts crawling and walking a little with support. 

  • Are Walkers Good for Babies?

Ans– Of course! Baby walkers are recommended by Pediatricians, they are very helpful for a baby’s first walk without any support. Baby walkers ensure that babies would learn the mechanism behind walking without support.

Ans- As a natural, when babies would start walking without any support then babies shouldn’t need to use baby walkers anymore. There are some baby walkers available which would transform into an activity center, clean table so that babies could use it for many years. 

  • Which style of a baby walker is best for my baby?

Ans- It depends on you (parents). But there are several factors we considered while buying a baby walker. For example – Colors matching my baby’s dresses. A boy looks for our son or a girly look for our daughter. It totally depends.


Choosing Best Baby Walkers can be challenging. We know that you want the best of the best for your babies. We made sure 100% that, after testing several baby walkers, we found that these five mentioned above Baby walkers are the best ones. 

To enlighten you, we discussed not only the specifications or benefits only, Disadvantages of those baby walkers as well. We also want the best for your kids. Those five baby walkers are considered Best Baby Walkers for Hardwood Floors

Depending on your situation, you can choose any of those five baby walkers for your babies without any worry. If you want any kind of information about any of those above baby walkers or other baby walkers, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always there for you. Good luck. 


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