Top 10 Best Baby Walker (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide) 2021

Best Baby Walker

Are you looking for the best baby walker? A baby walker is such an excellent thing which can be your baby’s best assistant while they are starting to stand for the first time, or during the first step of walking. You will wonder to see its versatile benefits. It will help your baby respectively to stand correctly, keep balance with legs, increase toddler’s physical fitness, safety from fall down, and getting hurts as well as an infant walker can ensure a peaceful time between you and your baby. Besides, you can complete your other activities while the baby will be busy with a walker. Most importantly, you will be pleased to see your baby’s face when they play with a walker. 

I often buy a baby walker for my child and nephews and to gift my friends and colleague babies. From my 3-years of experience, I can give you a list of best baby walker. Let’s know the excellent features of best baby walkers 2021.

The 10 best baby walkers Review 2021

Kolcraft Tiny Step 2-in-1 Baby walker is reputed as the best walker to most of the parents. Your little prince or princess will start their first walking step with it very comfortably. The colorful toys associated with the walker will give your baby a lot of fun. It comes with aesthetic design and versatile advantages and also JPMA certificate. One of the unique benefits of this is converted able from a seat activity walker to walk behind a walker. So you can easily adjust it with the growing babies. It is attaching a cup holder to its access tray space. It has a swivel wheel at the front for natural movement and non-skid friction pads for safely stopping. Klocraft is suitable for babies who weigh between 15 and 20 pounds and who can carry bodyweight with legs. Another advantage of this is that it can be folded slightly. So you can fold it up while your baby will not use it as well as you can transport it to another place easily. When unfolded, its size is 24.3x30x25 inches, and after folding its size is 24.3 x 30 x 8 inches. Kolcraft’s weight is 7.5 pounds. 

Most Highlighted Features:

  • Consistently a flower mirror, spinning ball, and bead bar are including with these toys
  • Adjustable foam seat to support your growing baby’s Height. 
  • Clean able seat and other parts of these toys
  • Easy folding and transporting quality
  • Swivel wheel for natural movement and friction pad for safe stopping. 
  • Convertible from seat activity to walk behind toys.
  • Affordable in price
  • Built from high-quality plastic and polyester materials
  • Includes a colorful toy tray for your baby
  • Swivel wheel and non-skid friction pads. 
  • More comfortable to fold and carry another place
  • It has music and lighting configuration
  • Seat walker and walker behind the quality
  • Not suitable to operate on the carpet
  • Fewer parents think it is performing only as a regular bay walker

Delta Children Lil’ is a beautiful baby walker which can inspire your baby to walk and play. It arrives with some beautiful color and impressive features. First of all, it’s adjustable quality is very lovely with the growing baby height. An electronic tray includes in front of it with various lights and toys. This tray is removable. So you can easily remove it while your baby won’t like to play. Delta baby, walker construction material, is high-quality plastic. The product dimension is 27 x 27.8 x 26 inches, and the average weight is 10.6 pounds. As well as you can use it at three adjustable positions. Its back wheel can control the operation and help to move all around. Also, there was a great snack tray in the toy centre.

Most importantly, this walker has ASTM and CPST standards and a JPMA certificate. Though delta children are designed for specific ages children, it is best for that child. Which baby can sit correctly, it is best for them. 

Most Highlighted Features:

  • It has rubber brakes features for safety run and saves from danger
  • Electronic tray with music, sounds and light configuration for ensuring your bay’s recreation
  • Very sturdy and stable quality to retain over the years
  • Comes with folding quality to save your space and carry another place
  • Safety stopper to get rid of unnecessary risky fall down
  • Easier set up method
  • Folding and carrying is very easy
  • Can adequately operate on the carpet
  • No, any battery requirements.
  • Can bear up to 25-pound weights
  • It may be not suitable for short baby
  • A little bit difficult to roaming on the hardwood timber floor.

Are you looking for the best baby walker for your little prince or princess? Bright stars are undoubtedly the right choice for you — so no need to waste your time to find another. The bright Starts comes with some unique features for your little kids. If your toddler is six months and tries to roam one place to another as like a busy bee, then Bright starts floral can ensure a lot of enjoyment with better safety. The bright color and an excellent geometric chaser give a feel like sunshine.

Similarly, high-backed seat advantages with three various settings help to run it even your baby will grow up. Its size 28 x 25 x 20 inches, and the average weight is 10.8 pounds. Rubber brake is using with its frame for higher safety.

Most Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with a geometric chaser which makes feel as like sunshine
  • The high backed seat helps to use it while the baby will grow up
  • Three different seat position
  • Bright color inspires a baby to stay on it for a long time
  • Two link loops create more comfortable to use it
  • Very cheap
  • High quality plastic body
  • Rubber brakes for safe stopping
  • Easy folding quality
  • A fewer user grievances about new seat tear problem.

If you want to get various great things into only a walker, then Bright Starts’ name comes first. It is one of the top-rated baby walkers in the crowd of the market. One of the unique advantages, that it supports a very younger baby’s head and shoulders. So it is possible to use for a tiny baby with confidence. The seatback is taller than other walkers. Like another item, it also has three adjustable heights for 6-12 months baby. The eye-catching colors and exterior decoration make it even more attractive. The centre part of this walker is indeed gorgeous and colorful decorated with music, lights, and sounds. Bright starts walk-A-Bout ensures safety from getting hurt. Instead, it is the best baby walker for hardwood floors. Total size is 34 x 28 x 24 inches, and weight is 11. 6 pounds. Similarly, capable of holding up to 26 pounds.

Most Highlighted Features:

  • Designed for 6 to 12 month’s baby
  • Removable electronic toys and eye-catchy pink color
  • Two link loops which help to add other toys
  • Easy forward, and backward movement quality ensures an easy walking
  • 360 front wheels’ features
  • Very easy to put together whenever you need it.
  • Easier to fit and clean
  • Can operate on several hard floors and flat carpet
  • Assembling is a little bit difficult
  • This product is a little bit heavier

Are you looking for a baby walker with the highest safety features and attractive too? Safety 1st Ready, set, the walk comes with Notable safety quality. For colorful design and toys included tray increases its value to most of the loving parents. It will motivate your baby to start the first step and inspire you to walk next with pleasure. This Disney ready walker has enough space to spread your baby’s legs while they will be excited during play.

Similarly, it has three adjustable heights like a regular walker. For increasing the visual sense, there have some developmental toys and 12 different music. Besides, it has an additional snack tray. Luckily, you can wash the seat whenever you need it because its position is waterproof. The compact folding quality gives the proper storage and carrying advantages in traveling. Up to 30 pounds weight it can bear. Safety 1st Ready walker size 28 (L) x 7 (W) x 24 (H) inches and product weight is 8.2 pounds. 

Most highlighted Features:

  • Viable fabric materials seat and sturdy plastic material body
  • 12 different sweet music and flashing lights
  • Attractive and colorful toys
  • Comfortable and washable fabric seat
  • Additional broad basement support and sturdy wheels
  • Capable of operating on hard floors and carpet. 
  • Inexpensive in price
  • Goes great on a hard floor or even carpet
  • Super lightweight and affordable
  • Individual activity tray from the device


  • A fewer user grievance about the cutting problem from rough plastic

If you are interested in taking a baby walker for a tall baby with 2 in 1 design, I can say you, in words, the name of delta children baby walker. You will wonder how a lot of advantages are possible to get only 33$. Furthermore, it has JPMA, CPSC, and ASTM certification consistently. You can use it as an activity walker and walker behind a walker. But don’t use the walker behind setting until your baby can walk appropriately by yourself. Because of it is risky for a little toddler. It’s weight capacity up to 25 pounds and maximum adjustable height up to 30 inches. Its assembled dimension is 22 Inches L x 25.2 Inches W x 23 Inches H. Machine and seat both are from high-quality materials.

Moreover, it is washable and highly compacted quality. Its weight is only 7 pounds. Developmental toys, music, toys tray, snack tray all belong in it. But this product is best for the child of 3 years. Need two additional AA batteries for this device. 

Most Highlighted Features:

  • 2-in-1 Design, Activity walker and walk-behind walker
  • Perfect for 25-pound weight and 30 inches’ tall baby
  • Certified by JPMA, CPSC, and ASTM
  • Three adjustable Height
  • Affordable price
  • Very sturdy and funny
  • Highly compacted quality
  • Easily moveable on carpet
  • A little bit difficult to clean the plastic wheels
  • Some parents feel the problem with small wheels

Cosco’s simple step walker comes from the most credible manufacturing company. Cosco is admirable over the decades for its simple ad beautiful features. But the fun toys and music also include with it. So your little one will get great enjoyment and learn to walk. Two excellent color is available in this item. Though it is not highly sturdy and material is rather light than another walker, but it capable to handle your baby’s movement But it is strong enough to handle your baby’s movement. It has two adjustable Height and washable seat. Though the snack tray is very tiny other features are beneficial for your baby.

Most importantly, this excellent walker has a zipper system to change the setting position of your baby. The overall size is 20 x 6 x 16.5 inches and weighs 8.5 pounds. Overall, I can ensure it will best one for your 2-5 months old baby. 

Most Highlighted Features:

  • Unique design activity tray for better feel
  • Can bear up to 30 pounds and Height up to 32 inches
  • Anti_sleep pad system available for maximum security
  • Removable and washable seat
  • Best for increasing motor skill
  • Secure setup method, no need any tools to set up
  • Adjustable two heights


  • Can’t fold up properly
  • Only the front wheels’ can move

Baby Einstein is another excellent option for your little kids. With the different music sounds, your baby can be roaming all around the home to use the baby Einstein. It has a catchy drum, caterpillar horn, and spinner ball light for kids to play with the walker. Baby Einstein will introduce your baby to the combination of music, colors, and instruments. Also, its oval frame helps to feel your baby on music. The high seat back makes me feel like explorer the whole world on two feet. If necessary, you can remove the toys from the device. There are three heights adjustable systems too. The shaped is overall 24 inches (H) x 21.5 inches (W) x 31 inches (D). 

Most Highlight Features:

  • Machine-washable seat fabric
  • High quality plastic body materials
  • Several individual toys include with it
  • Elliptical and strong frame
  • Best uses for six months old baby
  • Only 10 minutes assemble time
  • Easier navigation system
  • Great compacting power
  • Affordable in price
  • Some guys feel problem to set the highest adjustment
  • Fewer say that hard to put together all of the parts.

If your toddler loves toys, then there is no best alternative than the bright starts safari bounce-a-bout activity centre. Up to 12 developmental activity toys belong in it. The beautiful toys and activities such attractive that a baby can stay over the hours with it. An excellent bounce pad also can be a part of the entertainment. Three adjustable heights support you to use it with the grown-up your child. besides, it can rotate a 360-degree angle so a child can rotate anytime and play with all of the toys periodically. As well as the seat cushion is machine washable. A storage tray also connects to the bottom of the front frame. The shape is 29.8 x 8.2 x 28.8 inches and own weigh 1.1 pounds. It is full of colorful toys and activities. Overall bright starts are such an item which helps to spin, bend, reach, and pop too. 

Most Highlighted Features:

  • 12+ activities include various colorful toys and characters
  • A unique bounce pad increases the fun during playtime
  • 360-degree rotation power to move anytime
  • Seat height adjustable quality help to use it further when bay grows up
  • Machine washable seat Cushion 
  • Durable and capable of increasing motor skills. 
  • It can perform as the best jumper
  • An excess number of activities help to pass a lot of times with it


  • The one wrong side is the seat fabric quality. It is not so much high quality.

Baby Trend 2.0 baby walker is another courageous baby walker, which is helpful for a toddler’s mental and physical development. It comes with up to three heights for several growing stage. The multidirectional front wheel makes it more loveable to the child and parents. Besides, multidirectional features have given the freedom to move here to there. Moreover, it has a broad base that works for excellent support while the baby starts walking for the first time.

Moreover, enough space is available with the front part for several activities and snacks. It has a Large Removable tray for toys and food or snacks. The product size is 23.43 x 20.87 x 26.77 inches and 6.61 pounds. 

Most Highlighted Features:

  • Folding quality helps to transport, and space save
  • Individual large toy bar with removable toys
  • Extra-large tray for toys ad foods
  • Large base with tremendous support during movement 
  • Affordable rather durable
  • Comfortable and machine washable seat
  • sturdy and secure to ride
  • It can rotate easily


  • Difficult to ride on the carpet for small sizes wheels

Buyer’s Guide: Best Baby Walkers 

To find the best top rated walker for your little prince or princess, I sort out some best consideration. These factors will help you to get rid of all difficulties before buying the best walker. As a loving mother, I can realize you Need safety comfort ability. Let’s know the complete guideline which I always follow. To read this, you can learn which Baby walkers good or bad.

Conventional Baby Walker

Generally, four-wheeled with a broad base, and simple bar is suitable for a little child to go their first step. These three things commonly help your baby to pull during walking. Similarly, it’s useful to move all around. But many new items may not have proper safety with it. So, before running the test on any walker, must keep in mind this. 


It is proven that a traditional walker is better than a modern walker. Because of, a baby can see the movement of their limbs when they are using a casual one. Most importantly, a visual change is indeed helpful for a baby to learn correctly and quickly. But the risky side is that a traditional walker has not enough security like a modern walker. 

The core notes: A traditional walker should have to use when your bay is at least six months.

Modern Walkers

Maybe you think first, is our baby walker safe for development? In the case of a modern walker, you will get some completely different feelings. First of all, a contemporary baby walker can keep your baby stable on the ground and help them to move, sit, or walk. Advanced walkers have some unique features. A padded seat, an anti-lock system with wheels, anti-sleep feet quality and large additional broad base, make it even more popular. Besides, these features ensure higher safety and save your baby from painful fall down risk. 


As a loving parent, you must have to think first about your baby’s safety. And a modern baby walker can ensure higher safety and comfortable quality too. Especially during an early age when they can’t stand by themselves, a modern walker is essential for them as well as gorgeous design and lots of toys make it so much impressive to the children. 

 The core notes: must use a modern walker during the early or first walking stage.

Another considering thing

 Out of the above suggestion, there have some other essential ideas should think before selecting a walker. These are the criteria of the best baby walker. 

Simple Assemble

Typically, most of the baby walker comes with fully packed. So usually, you have to assemble all parts of a device. That’s why you should select a quickly assemble walker. Though it seems like a less important factor to you, you will have disappointed while your baby will run a half join walker. It is risky too. Besides, you can try for half assemble walker so that you can collect within a short time. I want to say consider this factor seriously. 

Easy using quality

Definitely, all loving parents want to get a walker which using method is more natural. If the baby can use it quickly, they will eagerly have interested to stay a long time with it. Otherwise, it can be hard to put him or her with a walker. Adjustable Height is another condition of comfortable use. Try to avoid one flexible height item. Because of, your baby is growing continuously, and you must need up to three adjustable height qualities. 


Excellent mobility makes a baby’s walk far easier. Maybe your child needs to turn on the wall corner side or any problematic situation. Good movement helps to turn or move anywhere anytime. But some baby walker comes with inferior mobility. So check the mobility reviews before buying a baby walker. 

Comfort ability

You must want to ensure a comfortable padded seat and baby walker with big wheels for your adorable child. The modern walker company is cautious about this. Most of the contemporary walker has a comfortable padded seat. As a result, your baby loves to stay there more times. 


1) Are baby walkers safe for my baby?

 Generally, a baby walker is quite safe for your baby. But in rare cases, some babies of 15th months old are facing accidents with stairs. Besides, accidents may occur from unnecessary objects on the bays walking way. To be safe from risk from the baby walker, the CPSC institute has some specific rules of safety for the walker. So before buying, check the CPSC recall list. Most importantly, always notice your baby’s movement with a walker. Don’t forget to give constant eyes. 

2) At what age should I put my baby in a walker?

It has no specific age limitation. Only one condition is that you can use a baby walker for your baby when they will able to hold the head up with a walker seat and can touch the floor with feet. But baby walker ages for several children are available in the market. You should select according to your baby’s capability.

3) Will a baby walker help my baby to walk?

 Yes! Obviously. A baby walker can assist your baby to walk correctly as well as it will help your baby for mental development. 

Final Words

Modern baby walkers are great to increase their walking power as well as best for both mental and physical development. The seated walker helps to increase the strength of the arms and legs. On the other hand, the walk-behind design helps to improve balance on their self. The activity center’s toys and music will soothe your child’s imagination. I hope you can understand how to select a top rated baby walker. To consider this review, you can easily find out the best baby walker 2021 for your little prince and princess. 

Happy parenting life with a cute baby!


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