Baby Walker Safety – A Guide For Patents (2021)

Did you know, thousands of babies go to the hospital every year just because of baby walker safety?

A baby walker is a common toy among parents who have babies. It’s believed that babies can start walking quickly with baby walkers and they love to play with it. Parents think baby walker is safe and they can leave babies with it. But the truth is- baby walker isn’t completely safe and it can cause serious accidents that harm your lovely babies too badly.

Baby Walker Safety – What Dangerous Things Can Babies Do with It?

Well, the baby walker lets your babies to move fast and most of the places in the house, even to the dangerous areas. A baby walker allows your babies to move quickly anywhere they want. And you know, it can be too dangerous for babies as they don’t know about the danger. They like to move anywhere they want. Let’s see what dangerous things babies can do with a walker.

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  • Roll down the Stairs: Thousands of babies go to the ER with head and neck injuries each year related to baby walkers, especially after falling down the stairs. Baby walker lets the babies move quickly and freely and they often roll downstairs and get hurt badly.
  • Get Drown: As babies can move freely, they can easily get into a bathtub or pool as they intend to experience new. As a result, they sometimes get drowned and even can be dead if somebody isn’t there to rescue in time.
  • Get Burned: With a baby walker, babies can reach higher. As a baby walker lets babies reach higher and move faster, they can grab pot handles off the stove, reach fireplace, space heater, or radiator. They can even spill hot coffee which is dangerous.
  • Get Cut: Babies can pull a tablecloth off and get cut with the knives. They can also get to the kitchen and pull off the knife-rack and can be hurt too badly.
  • Get Poisoned: As we mentioned before, babies can reach higher with a baby walker and they can reach dangerous objects and get poisoned.

Baby Walker Safety- What Can Parents Do?

The baby walker is a good toy, but it’s dangerous too. That’s why parents should take the necessary steps to ensure baby walker safety. The best way is to avoid baby walkers. But if you think you can keep an eye on your baby, then you can keep one for the fun of your baby. But it’s not entirely possible to keep an eye on babies always. You know what, most of the injuries happen while parents watching. Babies can move 3 feet (0.91 m) in a second with a baby walker. So, it’s really difficult to respond quickly.
You can also use some alternative options for baby walkers. They are as enjoyable as a baby walker but safer. Such as, you can use a high chair for babies. Babies like to sit up in a high chair. You can also get a stationary activity center for your baby. It’s safer without wheels and enjoyable. But the best idea is to make a play yard for the baby. It’s safe, natural, and they can learn to crawl, sit, or walk quickly.

Final Words

Babies often do unexpected things; so it’s the best way to keep them safe is to keep an eye on them, always! It’s not easy, but as a parent, you have to do your best. And, another thing, do not get a baby walker for your baby, and if you have one, throw it out; for the good of the babies.

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